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Sentimental Sunday

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My Mom was a beautiful woman albeit plagued with all types of physical and emotional maladies until her death.

She grew up in a one-room shack, essentially, with no running water or electricity. In that one room lived her mom, dad and two brothers.

They lived on 475 acres of land and were sharecroppers, working from dawn to dusk doing backbreaking labor like picking cotton, apples, peaches or whatever crop was ripening that season. In addition, they cared for cows, sheep, chickens, horses, etc.

That is-everyone except my Mom. See, she was the princess of the family. She got breakfast in bed every morning, everyday!!!, until she married and moved away.

Mom LOVED babies, so much so that she ultimately destroyed her health in trying to have more and more. Four of us children survived -three girls and a boy. One girl died at birth, and four miscarriages.

I cannot even begin to explain the joy and excitement forever over the one boy and he became the prince of the family. They wanted a boy so very, very badly. In fact, I got my name because they did not get a boy the first time out.

We were always having to scrimp and save and never seemed to have enough, but Mom did a lot to help.

Mom was a great cook. Dad said some of her best meals came from when we had next to nothing to eat in the house, of course the meals could never be replicated!  Mom also sewed the clothes for herself and us girls for years.

Mom had a bit of wanderlust in her, which was good because we moved a lot growing up (more than 60 times, from one end of the US to the other!).

People always thought she was a model. She was tall and willowy with long gorgeous black hair. As she became ill, the medicine she took caused her to gain weight and she hated that she could never lose much or keep it off.

So Mom, Happy Mother’s Day. I love and miss you.


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P.S. Happy Mother’s Day.