Married By Monday by Cathryn Brown

About the Book

Neither of them wants to get married, especially not to each other.

Isabella visits her friend Cassie in Two Hearts, Tennessee. Bella’s ready to go back to the city almost as soon as she arrives. And she has a situation to take care of when she gets home.

Micah may want to stay in his small town, but his family has other plans for him. He has two choices to solve his problem. He has to get married—soon—or move to the city. Neither appeals to him, but one may be better than the other.

These two strike a deal to . . . get married by Monday. Falling in love isn’t even an option. This marriage is a temporary solution for both of them.

Then why won’t their hearts stay out of it?

We are transported back to Two Hearts, Tennessee, thanks to Cathryn Brown’s newest novel, Married by Monday, about Cassie Van Bibber’s best friend Isabella “Bella” Bennett.

Bella has run into financial difficulties because of a sequence of terrible events. Micah Walker’s tyrannical grandfather gives him six days to either join his firm as a partner or get married. So, what to do? Get married, of course! As a result, hilarity, confusion, and mayhem ensue.

Brown has a unique ability to bring people and places alive. I could see Two Hearts’ allure while also picturing it in its derelict and abandoned state. I liked getting to know new people introduced in the story. I really appreciated seeing how the people and the town changed over time.

Married by Monday is a clean, inspirational story. The characters are loveable and endearing. The town is charming. The “Happily Ever After” is cute. Even though it’s a sequel, it can be read as a stand-alone, but the story is much richer if you read Runaway to Romance first.

I received this book from the author. However, my review is voluntary, and all opinions are my own.