Wise Words Wednesday



We had interesting lead-in to our weekend, and Monday was no exception.

Our granddaughter (not the baby) went to the ER numerous times before being admitted. They couldn’t determine what was wrong, but they recognized something was wrong, so she’s starting the rounds with specialists now.

We also had HIGH winds ranging from 35 to 60 mph, which caused a loss of internet service. In addition, due to tornadoes, our oldest daughter had to shelter in place at work. Thankfully, no one was injured. The tornado passed through the area where she needed to drive home (and would have been driving through!). PTL, she had to shelter in place!!!!

Monday, we had severe storms and torrential rains!

Today, Tuesday, I will be “liking” posts and contacting those who left comments and thanking recent followers.

**A Bit of Trivia***

Today is “Twos”day, a day of twos, and at 22:22 (10:22), it will be “Twos”day, 22:22 on 2/22/22! (Remember it’s “twoday” and not “twomorrow”!!)