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Butterball’s Christmas Surprise by Julia Seaborn

Publisher’s Summary


What is Butterball the Poodle up to now?

She helps to prepare for Christmas and sees shiny balls on the Christmas tree, but Butterball cannot stop thinking about those shiny balls.

Will she make a mistake? Will Butterball get her surprise?

Join Butterball as she goes to the poodle groomer and …

Includes fun questions at the end of the story.

My Thoughts

Butterball’s Christmas Surprise, by Julia Seaborn, is a story of the special friendship between a pet and its owner, especially during the holiday season.

Butterball is a poodle, with fluffy yellow fur the color of butter, who enjoys Christmas shopping and decorating their home. She is slightly mischievous and creates some mishaps!

Butterball and her owner go on several adventures, including a trip to the groomers so Butterball can look nice for her upcoming surprise.

Many words may be difficult for beginning readers. However, with encouragement and just a little stretching, they should be able to read the story.

The sketches of festive holiday displays in stores and at home are attractive. The style is perfect for young readers and younger listeners to enjoy.

I enjoyed the story, both for its theme and its colorful illustrations. A bonus, at the end, includes questions, a story of Santa and a website for downloading Christmas crafts. In addition, there are twelve candy canes to look for as you read the story.

Butterball’s Christmas Surprise is sure to be appreciated by all ages who believe(d) in Santa, but especially those from Newborn to 8.

I received Butterball’s Christmas Surprise from Book Sirens. However, I am leaving this review voluntarily.