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Off the Chain by Janice Thompson on Tour with Celebrate Lit, with Giveaway

About the Book

Book: Off the Chain

Author: Janice Thompson

Genre: Christian Fiction / Mystery

Release date: July 1, 2022

The Town of Brenham, Texas, Has Gone to the Dogs!

Curl up with your pup and sink into a delightful small-town mystery as riddles and rescues stack up in book one of a new cozy mystery series.

Marigold Evans’ first attempt at rescuing an abandoned pooch lands her in a drainage pipe in Brenham Texas. . .and almost in jail, until Parker Jenson comes to her rescue. Then a bad day only gets worse as the Lone Star Vet Clinic, where they both work, is vandalized and the list of suspects starts to climb. With the help of her fellow employees, Marigold sets out to simultaneously solve the crime, rehab the rescued dog, and help more dogs in crisis. But why would anyone continue to work against all their good efforts?

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Janice Thompson’s delightful cozy mystery, Off the Chain, is written in her signature witty way. Thompson’s tales elicit chuckles, belly laughs, warmth from the religious components and a lot of contemplation.

Marigold “Mari” Evans, one of the major characters, is caught in a drainage pipe while attempting to rescue a dog. When a local police officer tries to save her, he misidentifies her as a homeless person, causing chaos and mayhem. This is only the start!

Grandma Peach, Mari’s grandmother, was one of my favorite characters. With her wisdom and penchant for making dog costumes, she’s sure to steal your heart. She is a genuine “character,” who is just zany enough to be endearingly funny and lovable.

If you love animals, you are certainly going to enjoy Book One of the “Gone to the Dogs” series, Off the Chain.

I received a review copy of this book from Celebrate Lit through  NetGalley. All opinions are my own, and I am voluntarily leaving this review.

About the Author

Janice Thompson, who lives in the Houston area, writes romantic comedies, cozy mysteries, nonfiction devotionals, and musical comedies for the stage. She is the mother of four daughters and nine feisty grandchildren. When she’s not writing books or taking care of foster dogs you’ll find her in the kitchen, baking up specialty cakes and cookies.

More from Janice

Dogs, dogs, and more dogs! My world is full of dogs. If you follow me on social media you’re probably overwhelmed with dog photos, but I simply can’t help myself. I’m in love with pooches of all shapes and sizes.

My fascination with dogs began when I was six years old and I got my first pup, Spunky. He was a mixed breed terrier. From that day until now I’ve had the pleasure of owning many, many pups—some purebreds, some street dogs that needed a safe place to stay, some elderly with chronic or acute health issues. I can’t get enough. They offer unconditional love, after all!

A few years back I was asked to foster for a local rescue, My Chi and Me. The rest, as they say, is history. For a quick glimpse at some photos, follow this link. You’ll see that I’m mostly enamored with small dogs. (Hey, I live in a tiny townhome and have limited space!) That said, I’m always willing to take on one more.

My most recent rescue ventures landed me squarely in the middle of a book idea: Why not use a dog story as the basis for a cozy mystery? My editor at Barbour Publishing wanted something dog-themed and I was happy to oblige. That’s where the idea for Off the Chain (and the whole Gone with the Dogs series) came from—a simple idea involving dogs and crime.

I took the opportunity to focus solely on rescue dogs as the idea developed. These days (especially post-Covid) the need for homes for these pups is great. I linked arms with my BFF, Kathleen Y’Barbo, and together we set our series in Brenham Texas, not far from our stomping ground in the Woodlands. I felt strongly that we should merge two separate dog worlds: rescue and veterinary. (Hey, Brenham is close to A&M and they know a thing or two about veterinary training!)

Thus, the Gone with the Dogs series was born. And writing the first book, (Off the Chain), was a blast! I hyper-focused on one primary point of view character, a vet tech. (As the owner of three dogs I feel like I’m always in the vet’s office!) My stories, which is written in first person, took me back to my writing roots. I love, love, love writing in first person because I “become” the character. Fun, right?

My editors loved the book and it got some fun endorsements, so I’m excited to see what my readers think. I can’t wait to get their feedback. I hope it’s not too “Ruff!”

But, seriously. . .I’m hyped! And I’m feeling so blessed to merge my worlds—dogs and writing!

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To celebrate her tour, Janice is giving away the grand prize package of a $25 Amazon e-gift card and a paper copy of the book!!

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Monday’s Mention

Gone Fishing by Janice Thompson is novella two of the trilogy Biloxi Brides which was originally published under the title Sugar and Grits.

Sassy Hatchett, widow and owner of Sassy’s Bait Shop, has an acerbic tongue, and most of the time it matches her mood.

Wendell Meeks, a confirmed bachelor and the local mail carrier for Calista, Mississippi, can’t seem to get Sassy out of his mind. His best friend Gus thinks he’s crazy. Could the Lord really be leading Wendell to court Sassy?

As Wendell tries to determine if he should “hook” Sassy as his wife, Sassy cuts the bait (as in making her own).

Gone Fishing, like the other two stories, includes recipes and tips, in this case, Sassy’s Ten Tips for Snagging a Fellow.

Janice Thompson is a master at creating “sassy”, spunky and quirky characters, and true to her craft, she has created another fun character with Sassy Hatchett.

I received this book free from Janice Thompson in exchange for an honest review. Thank you.  As always, Janice, I truly enjoyed the story.

For a sneak peek at Gone Fishing by Janice Thompson, you can read it here:


Gone fishing

#Gone Fishing

Tuesday’s Tale

Mismatched in Texas is book 2 of Deep in the Heart of Texas series by Janice Thompson.

Belinda Bauer lives in Poetry, Texas, in 1904. Poetry is a city heavy on men and light on women, so Belinda decides to become a marriage broker. After all, almost everyone wants to get married. But, Belinda feels marriage isn’t for her; she’s destined to be a marriage broker.

Belinda’s first prospect is George Kaufman, the local barber and her best friend since grade school. However, George isn’t so sure about her pronouncement. He is happy with his single life.

Belinda doesn’t take no for an answer and proceeds to search newspaper and magazine articles advertising mail order brides, for a potential mate for George. In fact, she becomes so excited by the prospect she starts looking for brides for all the single men of Poetry.

Mayhem ensues as prospective brides and grooms aren’t compatible, and Belinda is at a loss to explain why.

Belinda matches Reverend Billingsley, a widower, with Sarah Jo Cummings. Sarah Jo appeared to be somewhat demure on paper, but in real life, she is anything but. She flirts with every man in town and then decides to build an opera house.  She definitely isn’t the material of a preacher’s wife!

Poor Belinda, she thinks her skills are best when approached in a scientific way, but what happens when her matches are all wrong? Can two people be too much alike?

Mismatched in Texas, is another delightfully quirky book by Janice Thompson, queen of delightfully quirky books.

Even though the story is second in the series, it can and does stand alone. **NOTE: This novel was previously released as Love Finds You in Poetry, Texas.**

I received this book free from the author, Janice Thompson, in exchange for an honest review.

Marriage broker

The Director’s Cut

The Director’s Cut is the final book in the trilogy, Backstage Pass, by Janice Hanna Thompson. The other two books are Stars Collide and Hello, Hollywood. Each book focuses on different people and aspects of the television sit-com Stars Collide.

I have read and enjoyed other books by Janice; however, I had not read this particular series nor the first two books in the series; in spite of this I wasn’t lost or bewildered. With only a few minor instances, The Director’s Cut could be a standalone book.

The Director’s Cut is about Tia Morales, director of Stars Collide.

Tia has definite ideas and goals for her job, and for the most part, everything at work is under control. Not so with her personal life.

Tia’s Mom and Dad have a bizarre marriage. Her brothers can’t finish a job-including helping her renovate her home. Her sister needs a job and sees Tia’s sit-com as the answer.  Through it all, she and cameraman Jason Harris are constantly butting heads.

Tia acutely needs to learn to apply the phrase “Let go, and let God” to her daily living and circumstances but she is afraid to relinquish control of the reins. So she stumbles through day to day trying to keep her life under control, and nothing seems to work!

Anyone that has grown up in a dysfunctional family and is a “Type A” personality or a “control freak” will easily be able to relate to Tia Morales and her struggles with control.

As things begin to fall apart around her and Jason gets more and more under her skin, she begins to loosen her hold and just enjoy life.

Janice’s terrific sense of humor is wonderfully illustrated in The Director’s Cut by the use of her character’s humor. She delightfully enlightens the reader with circumstances that are both believable and somewhat outrageous.

I’ll definitely be reading the other two books in the Backstage Pass series, Stars Collide and Hello, Hollywood.

Just a quick side note to Janice: Janice thank you, again, so much for your prayers and patience during this trying time our family is experiencing. Thank you again for the book, too!

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I won this book in an author’s Scavenger Hunt contest sponsored by The Book Club Network, Inc.  You can visit The Book Club Network at:  http://www.bookfun.org/

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