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The Seal with a Pink Bow Written by Ellen B. Alden and Illustrated by Peter Zafris

About the Book

I’m bored! Five-year-old Jillian doesn’t enjoy sailing with her father and older brothers. They won’t let her help, and they make it abundantly clear that she is in the way. It’s not fun! Her father urges her to search for a seal with a pink bow in the ocean, and when she discovers Mary, Jillian’s imagination soars! Soon she is talking and playing with a baby harbor seal, and creating new adventures all summer long. Even when the cold weather arrives and Jillian can’t sail, she knows that Mary will always come back when she uses her power of imagination! The Seal with a Pink Bow is a story of a special relationship between a father and his daughter, and the gift of creativity and self-entertainment he shares with her. It is perfect for preschool and early readers.

Imagination is so delightful! The Seal with a Pink Bow, by Ellen B. Alden, captures this idea beautifully.

Think of yourself as a young girl who has to wait around with her older brothers and her father while they go fishing. Moreover, you don’t like fishing! The imagination quickly takes control. The story relies on the use of her imagination to escape boredom and her brothers’ teasing, creating endearing scenarios.

A seal named Mary, who has a pink ribbon on her head, is encountered by the little girl while sailing one day. Mary quickly becomes the girl’s best friend and helps her keep busy while on the fishing expeditions.

The artwork developed by Peter Zafris is adorable and full of color. The scenes will excite both children and adults.

This tale captured my two-year-old granddaughter’s attention. She made up her mind that she wants to ride aboard a “ship” in search of a pink-bowed seal that she can keep and even bring home with her. She said, “I can imagine it!”

According to the author’s note, her husband created the game of the pink-bowed seal to amuse their daughter while sailing. It’s amazingly wonderful how she was able to turn their adorable pastime into a whimsical, fantastical tale.

I received a free copy of this book from the publisher. My review is voluntary, and all opinions are my own.

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