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HOPE LINES: Modern Family Dilemmas and Solutions from a Christian Perspective by Neil Presley Cox

About the Book

What are your next steps after you or a family member makes bad choices, or experiences a personal calamity…such as divorce, addiction, abuse, incarceration, or infidelity? Serious challenges like these often affect an entire family and put you (and yours) under the microscope of an uncaring, over-burdened legal system.
Based on nearly a quarter century of helping individuals and families navigate the courts, while making liberal use of mediation, family attorney Neil Presley Cox offers a smorgasbord of common-sense solutions in his new book HOPELINES…with a bit of Christian perspective thrown in.
Rather than a dry, boring discourse on laws and legal maneuvering, Cox sends you these insights in creative form. After synthesizing the most common personal and family “disasters” in and out of the courts, he carefully pens 18 engaging and well-written quasi-fictional stories. Each acts as a template to help you identify with your situation(s).
In addition to these often gut-wrenching dramas—which can bring tears when they hit too close to home—every narrative includes a section on reflection (analysis), application (recommendations), plus a Resource Toolbox and a relevant scriptural verse. Also, HOPELINES offers a handful of “Calls for New Hope and Faith” which are motivationally worth many times the entire price of this resource, by themselves.

Avoiding the legal system and working things out, are a key piece of the message in HOPELINES, and include resources and suggestions for doing just that. Neil Presley Cox, the “lawyer with a heart” invites you, as well as therapists, counselors, lawyers, addicts and others involved in this growing legal quagmire get on board with the spirit and message of this landmark resource.
Do not give up HOPE!
Surviving life and family challenges—whether civil or criminal—is an energy-draining, depression-invoking process. And while the cliché “this too shall pass” is mostly true, it does not help when you are in the middle of it, and your world seems to be falling apart.
Cox spent seven years writing and re-writing HOPELINES to throw out a rope or “line” of hope, as you suffer through and survive what is explicitly implied in the subtitle: Modern Family Dilemmas and Solutions from a Christian Perspective.
While this resource is much more practical than religious, Cox feels that the erosion of family structure and values is a big part of what led us to the current crisis. Lack of personal responsibility and growing up into a life of dependence, co-dependence, or other failed attempts at independence, are now the status quo. Most people today don’t understand or even know that moving past independence, into functional INTER-dependence with our key relationships, needs to be a major life goal.
But that is water under the bridge. Our current reality sees individuals and families (and yes, even Christian families) torn apart by drug addiction, alcoholism, infidelity, divorce (with resulting step-families or “grand-parenting”), physical and mental abuse, child custody, an apathetic legal system, job and relationship stress, mental illness, single parenting, and today – even gaming addiction! All are touched upon directly or indirectly, in the 18 stories.
HOPELINES is a seminal approach by a rare attorney doing his part to stem this societal tide of unhappy results, to restore lives that all started with great promise.
Cox invites you to enjoy the results of his experiences and perspectives that only someone is his position (family and criminal attorney) can fully explore and explain. And he even shares his own story of beating alcohol addiction induced by his daily exposure to lives in crisis.
As you read HOPELINES, please also share your feedback in the “Reviews” section near the bottom of this page. Neil would love to hear from you, and will use your comments to shape future editions of this timely resource.

HOPE LINES: Modern Family Dilemmas and Solutions from a Christian Perspective, Neil Presley Cox, is divided into 18 Sections. Each section is further subdivided into five sections, which detail people’s experiences with custody disputes and self-destructive behavior like alcoholism, violence, or mental health issues. To illustrate his recommendations, Cox gives vivid accounts of people’s lives. The insights are helpful and ring with truth.

Cox is a family and criminal lawyer who saw a need to offer hope and a path out to people in need of assistance before they go to family court. For those already in family court, he provides practical counsel on how to navigate the procedures and what they should and should not do, ending each chapter with sections titled “Reflect,” “Apply” and “Resource Toolbox”. 

I believe most people enmeshed in the judicial system are past the point where some of the advice and resources supplied could provide much help. Cox, on the other hand, is doing an excellent job of enlightening and preventing future problems.

My heart aches for everyone caught in a seemingly unending trap, whether of their own making or not. There needs to be a way to address the problems long before they implode. High school students could, perhaps, have family life and dynamics training.

Having numerous family members that work for either CPS, law enforcement, the legal field or the mental health field, I all too often hear heartbreaking stories. The book by Cox is a ray of hope at the end of a long tunnel. A promising start.

HOPE LINES: Modern Family Dilemmas and Solutions from a Christian Perspective is an excellent resource for Christian and secular counselors, pastors, youth directors and anyone else looking for advice on how to help someone in any of these plights.

Thank you to Reedsy/Discovery and Neil Presley Cox, for providing me with a copy of HOPE LINES: Modern Family Dilemmas and Solutions from a Christian Perspective. I have provided an unbiased review.