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Sometimes kids can really surprise you. Yesterday, our granddaughter, that we’ve pretty much raised, did just that.

We made a quick run to the store for one or two necessities when she asked her grandfather for a favor. She didn’t say anything to me, so I wasn’t aware of what was going on. She came out of the store with several bags which I assumed had items in them for her…I was way, way off.

She had noticed two people at two different places near the store that had signs that said, “HUNGRY. WILL WORK FOR FOOD,” or words to that effect. She also noticed one of the gentlemen had a dog. With those thoughts in mind she went into the store, and with her own money, bought non-perishables for the men and pop-top type cans of dog food for the dog. She then delivered the food to each man and to one dog.

She kept saying, “It just breaks my heart, I can barely stand it and there’s nowhere around here for them to go and get shelter. It’s too easy for them to become

You try to raise your kids right, with empathy, respect and lots of other important nouns. Most of the time it seems like it goes in one ear and out the other, or alternately there are arguments followed by the silent treatment. But then..then, there are times when they bowl you over with what incredible, wonderful, giving, thoughtful and caring young people they are turning into.

I’m not saying all this to brag, I’m saying it because it gives me faith in young people and a lot of happiness with her.

Wise Words Wednesday

PS Thank you, everyone, for the prayers and thoughts for my nephew. He’s doing much better. He’s able to talk in sentences, some! Plus, they are discussing removing the tubes from his head! PTL!!! Thank you, Lord, so very much.

I feel this has been a true miracle! The quote above is a great reminder that even small things are miracles. Sometimes, that’s easy to forget.