The Seal with a Pink Bow Written by Ellen B. Alden and Illustrated by Peter Zafris

About the Book

I’m bored! Five-year-old Jillian doesn’t enjoy sailing with her father and older brothers. They won’t let her help, and they make it abundantly clear that she is in the way. It’s not fun! Her father urges her to search for a seal with a pink bow in the ocean, and when she discovers Mary, Jillian’s imagination soars! Soon she is talking and playing with a baby harbor seal, and creating new adventures all summer long. Even when the cold weather arrives and Jillian can’t sail, she knows that Mary will always come back when she uses her power of imagination! The Seal with a Pink Bow is a story of a special relationship between a father and his daughter, and the gift of creativity and self-entertainment he shares with her. It is perfect for preschool and early readers.

Imagination is so delightful! The Seal with a Pink Bow, by Ellen B. Alden, captures this idea beautifully.

Think of yourself as a young girl who has to wait around with her older brothers and her father while they go fishing. Moreover, you don’t like fishing! The imagination quickly takes control. The story relies on the use of her imagination to escape boredom and her brothers’ teasing, creating endearing scenarios.

A seal named Mary, who has a pink ribbon on her head, is encountered by the little girl while sailing one day. Mary quickly becomes the girl’s best friend and helps her keep busy while on the fishing expeditions.

The artwork developed by Peter Zafris is adorable and full of color. The scenes will excite both children and adults.

This tale captured my two-year-old granddaughter’s attention. She made up her mind that she wants to ride aboard a “ship” in search of a pink-bowed seal that she can keep and even bring home with her. She said, “I can imagine it!”

According to the author’s note, her husband created the game of the pink-bowed seal to amuse their daughter while sailing. It’s amazingly wonderful how she was able to turn their adorable pastime into a whimsical, fantastical tale.

I received a free copy of this book from the publisher. My review is voluntary, and all opinions are my own.

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Gugulu, The Little Bear Dares by Srividhya Lakshmanan, Illustrated by Akansha Krishnan

Publisher’s Summary

Go on a wild adventure with Gugulu, the sloth bear, as he takes on a journey deep inside the western ghats of India.

Gugulu’s parents won’t allow him to go to school alone. But he can’t wait to explore the forest on his own. So one day, he runs ahead of his parents. And before he knows it, he ends up in a river filled with danger – first a roaring leopard, then a gang of gaurs, but soon he shrinks in fear. Will naughty Gugulu be able to reunite with his parents?

Gugulu, The Little Bear Dares, is a quirky, funny, beautifully illustrated story about new experiences and courageously facing challenges when encountered.

Gugulu, The Little Bear Dares is a story about a little sloth bear who decides on the way to school that he does not want to stay with his parents. He is able to flee and encounters a variety of other species. He also has quite an adventure-but no spoilers here!

Sloth Bear

The author, Srividhya Lakshmanan, introduces readers to a wide range of different species endemic to the Western Ghats, popularly known as India’s Sahyadri Mountain region. At the end of the story, Lakshmanan identifies 16 of the animals, noting if they are endangered and/or indigenous to the region. A maze is also included at the end of the story to assist children in guiding Gugulu to school.

The illustrator, Akansha Krishnan, employs original interpretational illustrations of the various animals, which will assist young children in connecting with the story.

The recommended reading age is 4 – 8-year-olds. However, I believe that reading the story to younger children would be enjoyable for them, too. Older readers may also be interested in learning more about the varied wildlife of the Western Ghats.

I received an advanced review copy of this book from the author. All opinions are my own and I am voluntarily leaving this review.

iREAD BOOK TOUR PRESENTS: Popper and Friends: Popper Finds a New Home by IL Ritchie with Giveaway


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Book Details:

Book Title:  Popper and Friends: Popper Finds a New Home by IL Ritchie
Category: Children’s Fiction (Ages 3-7),  38 pages
Genre: Children’s Picture Book
Publisher:  Mascot
Release date:  December 2021
Format available for review:  Print- hardback, ebook (pdf)
Will send print books out:  USA
Tour dates: November 26 to December 17, 2021
Content Rating:  Rated G. Suitable for everyone

Book Description:

Popper is a sweet little woodpecker who is trying to find a new home. Now that he is grown, it’s time for him to leave the nest and find a home of his own. The first book in the Popper and Friends series, follow along as Popper explores different options and gets helpful advice from his friends.
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Popper is a little woodpecker who realizes that he has outgrown his family home, as his bed is now too small for him. He sets out on a mission to find a new home with the help of his buddies.

IL Ritchie’s Popper Finds a New Home is a delightful story about a young woodpecker. The book is charming, and children will enjoy the subject. My not quite two-year-old granddaughter adored it and asked questions about the numerous home prospects Popper visited. All of Popper’s friends’ proposals delighted her as well. She enthused over the affable Filbert’s suggestion.

I enjoyed how each of Popper’s friends offered to assist him by describing where woodpeckers don’t live and encouraging him to look elsewhere. I also admired Popper’s parents’ support and approval for him in his quest.

Older children will enjoy the story as well and will take away many positive messages about growing up, friendships and perseverance, along with the concept of diverse kinds of homes.

The graphics are so clever, cute and delightful. Yulia Pots, the illustrator, created quirky, inventive illustrations throughout the book. The pictures of birds, animals and insects are slightly exaggerated, giving them an appealing quality that children will enjoy.

The narrative is aimed at children aged 3 to 7. It will, however, pique the curiosity of both younger and older children. The text is easy to read and occupies the entire page, which will stimulate the interest of beginning and more advanced readers. At the same time, the illustrations will enchant and amuse fledgling and non-readers alike.

Thank you to iRead Book Tours. I received a complimentary copy of this book. I voluntarily chose to read and post an honest review.

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Meet the Author

A California native, IL Ritchie lives in San Francisco, where he is creating new adventures for Popper and his friends.

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The Happy Crab by Layla and Kevin Palmer, Illustrated by Guy Wolek 

About the Book

Happy is an adventurous little crab whose world is suddenly turned upside down (literally!) when a mama and her son discover his large, unbroken shell while on vacation at the beach. After deciding to keep the shell as a souvenir, the boy unexpectedly feels the crab move inside and is suddenly faced with a decision: take him home or let him go. His compassion for the crab and thoughtful decision to release him gently reminds readers of the importance of selflessness and highlights how our environment, relationships, and experiences contribute greatly to our happiness.
The Happy Crab is based on a true story experienced by Kevin, Layla, and their son, Steevenson, and you can see a video of the actual shell and crab at

A little crab experiences all kinds of escapades and exciting undertakings in The Happy Crab by Layla and Kevin Palmer. (Illustrated by Guy Wolek.)

The small crab adores his pals and enjoys discovering and experiencing first-hand incredible travels all around the world. He travels to Haiti on the back of a whale, sails to Florida and engages in a variety of other spectacular and thrilling ventures.

The Happy Crab is a picture book with large, exaggerated drawings of sea creatures. The graphics are striking and fanciful, adding to the attractiveness of the book for children.

My small granddaughter loved the book and pretended she was riding the whale’s back with the crab, too.

The story’s theme of helping others and doing the right thing appealed to me. These are great lessons for kids.

The battle between what the young boy wished and what was best was particularly touching. We loved it when the small child gave the crab the name Happy. (It was also a hit with the crab!!)

The recommended reading age range is 3–8 years old. However, my granddaughter, who is under the age of two, loved it.

I received this book from Bethany House. My review is voluntary, and all opinions are my own.

Little Possum and Little Sweetpea-Little Sweetpea teaches Little Possum a Lesson by Halle J. Ladd

Halle J. Ladd has written a likable children’s story about two unlikely friends.

Little Possum loves to eat sweet peas. He hides in trees to sneak up and eat the sweet peas. However, Little Sweetpea doesn’t want to be eaten, so she shows Little Possum where the delicious blackberries are.

The images are singular and unusual in that they are hand-drawn, which lends an air of captivating charm to each one.

Children can glean several lessons from this sweet story about becoming and being friends-lessons such as problem-solving, working together and give and take.

The story is short, thus ensuring it will hold a little one’s attention.

I received a copy of this book from AuthorsXP For Readers and Authors. However, my review is voluntary, and all opinions are my own.

Where’s My Joey? by Wendy Monica Winter/Illustrated by Roxana Antochi

About the Book

Mother Kangaroo cannot find her Joey! Will she find the baby kangaroo before his dinner gets cold?  Who will help her in Australia? Does Koala, Emu or Kookaburra know where Joey is?

Who will help Mother Kangaroo in Canada?  Do Moose or Bear or Beaver have any clues?  Where’s Joey? Read and find out!

Written by a teacher who lived in Australia, this book is entertaining, engaging, and educational on many levels. (It has a secret spiritual message for those who want to discover it.) Filled with beautiful illustrations and a beautiful story, this is a book all ages will enjoy.

This is a book you will treasure for years and enjoy with your children (or grandchildren) again and again.

Where’s My Joey? by Wendy Monica Winter is a cute, cute story. Roxana Antochi beautifully illustrated this adorable book.

I fell in love with all the pictures. However, my favorite illustration is one of an ocean. The colors are so pretty and soothing. The creatures, for
instance, the whale, clownfish, all the sea creatures, plus the vegetation, are gorgeous!

Children will learn about animals in Australia and some in Canada, too. There were a couple of animals I wasn’t familiar with that I discovered also! (I remembered a song about the Kookaburra, which is a bird, that I learned when I was younger, too.)

Where’s My Joey? is a fun book to savor and read over and over again.

I received Where’s My Joey? from Book Sirens. However, I was under no obligation to post a review.

I Don’t Want to Eat Bugs (Lisbon’s Misadventures Book 1) by Rachel Branton (Author), Tim Petersen (Illustrator)

I Don’t Want to Eat Bugs is a cute book about a little girl, named Lisbon, who is so hungry she doesn’t want to wait for dinner.

Lisbon goes on a fun adventure looking for food when she encounters several animals that offer to share their yummy food, except yuck, it is not yummy! The animals offer a wide variety of different foods they like, from bugs to dog food, but, of course, Lisbon isn’t interested!

The story is an effective way for children to learn about animals’ food and an appreciation for their own food. The illustrations are bright and colorful, and they are creative enough to capture a child’s imagination. The characters are charming and fit the story perfectly, too. I love her little stuffed frog!

One very subtle lesson is the importance of sharing, even if it is bugs!!

I Don’t Want to Eat Bugs is a great book to read to young children who are not yet able to read and also for those who have learned or are learning to read.

This entertaining book is currently free on Amazon. (Not an affiliate.) As always, be sure to check the price before purchasing, in case there are changes in pricing.

Publisher’s Summary

Bugs are for the birds!

Lisbon is hungry and it’s hard to wait for dinner. When her animal friends try to help her find something tasty to eat, the real the problems begin! Join Lisbon on her funny misadventures.

Each beautiful illustration is designed to inspire the imaginations of children. An activity page at the end of the book allows for more fun as they search for special
items in the illustrations.

This version of I Don’t Want to Eat Bugs has been designed specifically for eBook with a fixed layout and larger text for easy reading. While this is a great read-aloud book for parents, teachers, and other adults to share with children, we have chosen fonts that are similar to the way children form letters for easy recognition as they begin to read on their own. The print book is also available in 8.5” x 11” format.

Author’s Note:

I Don’t Want to Eat Bugs was written for my daughter, who was two when I wrote this story and didn’t like salad, but now she’s four and a half and loves it—if I give her plenty of salad dressing! (But don’t worry—this isn’t a book about eating salad.) Of course birds, cats, and dogs have a very different idea of what’s good to eat, but through this fun adventure, Lisbon learns there is also food meant just for her—and it’s good, especially compared with all the offerings from her animal friends.

My daughter and I privately call this book the “Ice Cream Story” (she LOVES ice cream so there had to be ice cream involved), and now whenever something funny happens, she says, “We should write a new ice cream story about that.”

And we have! I Don’t Want to Eat Bugs is the first book in a series called Lisbon’s Misadventures. Book 2, I Don’t Want to Have Hot Toes, is now available!

Recommended ages: 2-7.

Bird Hugs by Ged Adamson

My first thought upon beginning to read Bird Hugs was how wonderful to read a book that focused on how a perceived disability could become a welcome ability. I didn’t change my mind upon finishing the book.

Many members of my family work, or have worked/volunteered, for a residential facility for physically and mentally handicapped adults. Reading this book gave me a warm feeling at how sweetly this story was written and illustrated.

The illustrations are so cute, from Bernard the bird, to the sad orangutan and all their friends. Children will learn about a lot of different kinds of animals by reading Bird Hugs.

I was disappointed with the formatting, however. Perhaps it’s only a problem for the Kindle edition, but you must constantly turn the book from portrait to landscape and back again.

I received this e-book as an Amazon First Reads selection. However, I was not required to write a review.

Publisher’s Summary

Bernard isn’t like other birds. His wings are impossibly long, and try as he might, he just can’t seem to fly. He’s left wondering what his wings are good for…if they’re even good for anything at all. But a chance encounter with a dejected orangutan leads Bernard to a surprising discovery: that maybe what makes him different is actually something to be embraced.

About Author

Ged Adamson is a children’s author and illustrator. He lives in London with his partner Helen and son Rex.