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Christian Journals Direct, Personalized with a Giveaway

Sampling of Covers from Christian Journal Direct

Imagine my joy and delight when I received a beautiful journal from Christian Journals Direct!

The journal features a beautiful color cover. For me, though, the best and most wonderful aspect of my journal was seeing my name inserted into Bible verses on the bottom of the pages.

Christian Journals Direct https://christianjournalsdirect.com/ will create a personalized journal with your name written into scripture on every page! 

With over 300 cover designs to choose from, including designs for women, men, and children the journal is wonderful for your personal use or for a gift!

The journals can be used in so many different ways to include:

  • Daily devotional time
  • Scripture memorization
  • Sermon notes
  • Grocery lists
  • To-do lists
  • Recipes
  • Fitness goals and routines

My journal is for my daily devotionals and to make notations on my reading. This helps with the following:

  • Find inspiration
  • Strengthen my memory
  • Track my progress
  • Track my growth
  • To ponder over what I’ve read and written
  • For clarity
  • For prayers
  • A record of what I’ve learned through the year

I know I will look back over my journal and future journals with joy and excitement to review what each year has provided and enlightened.



I received the Christian Journal through FrontGate Media. However, I was under no obligation to write a review.

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Ellie Claire Art Journals

The Ellie Claire Art Journals of Faith & Lettering, The Illustrated Word and Illuminate Your Story

Have you ever wanted to journal with the vibrant illustrations or lettering you see in older manuscripts? These three journals provide a roadmap guide of how to do precisely that. I can’t begin to describe the richness and beauty of the Ellie Claire art journals and trust me when I say – the pictures honestly don’t do them justice. The covers are brightly colored and heavily bound with embossed letters creatively accented with gold foil.

In Illuminate Your Story, the style taught is illuminated letters. Illuminated letters, as described by many references, is a technique in which the first letter of each page or the first paragraph, begins with initials, borders and miniature illustrations. The letter, always of an enlarged variety and color, has gold lettering in some areas, while the text itself remains black. In addition, the letters sometimes include a variety of enhancements, such as plants or animals. (Illuminated Letters Introduction-Slide Share, Wikipedia, Illustrated Manuscript.) Along with all the other features, it has a pretty elastic band to keep the journal closed, along with a holder on the side for your pens, an attractive bookmark and a pocket for your keepsakes! How cool is that?

The Faith and Lettering Journal focuses on hand lettering Bible verses. The journal is a rich resource of illustrated verses, giving you guidelines for different techniques to help develop and enhance your skills in lettering while memorizing Bible verses. The journal helps you discover your creative side, as it also draws you into the Bible and closer to the Lord. Beautiful illustrations of Bible verses and quotes are uniquely drawn and colored. There are pages to trace, practice and draw your own copy of the included verses or quotes. Plus, a place to hold your pens or pencils, too.

The Illustrated Word takes you deeper into the illuminated letter style. Each page that is illustrated either gives you a chance to color and decorate the page while following the journal’s illustrations or to create your own. There are pages of beautiful illustrations to provide you with ideas for your thoughts and pictures while helping you to feel a closeness to the Lord through the Bible. This is the most complex and detailed journal of the three. Within its pages, you find more complex pictures and mosaic-like illustrations highlighting Bible verses, and every page – or every other page in some cases – there are lines for journaling.

The covers of each book feature a lay-flat binding. Two of the journals come furnished with thick color-coordinated elastic to hold your drawing or journaling implements. The pages are thick to ensure there is no bleed-through from pens or paints.

I am so excited to receive the journals. I plan on giving each of my two sisters one. I have one sister that loves to draw, so The Illustrated Word is perfect for her! My other sister, like myself, loves to doodle, so I think the Faith and Lettering Journal will be perfect for her!

I honestly cannot adequately describe Ellie Claire’s journals. I am extremely grateful for the opportunity to receive and review these wonderful books of Biblical journaling.

I received the three journals from Worthy Publishing through FlyBy Promotions. However, I was under no obligation to post a review.