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Home Sweet Home Page by Carma Spence

About the Book

How to Increase Book Sales, Get More Speaking Gigs and/or Attract More Coaching Clients with your Website

… Without Having to Get a Web Design Degree or Learn Coding
… Even If You’re Terrible at Web Stuff

Don’t Have a Lot of Time and Just Want to Hand this Web Stuff Over to a Virtual Assistant

Is Your Website Undermining Your Business?

Your website’s home page is its most valuable virtual real estate. If it doesn’t grab your visitor’s attention, you may not get a second chance. This book helps authors, speakers, and coaches make sure that this real estate effectively supports their business goals. This second edition expands on what was in the first edition, adding information on online presence in general, SEO tips, and more.

Home Sweet Home Page, by Carma Spence, is set up very succinctly. The pages are easy to read and understand, with items such as checklists included. However, in many cases, instead of expanding on the material, Spence offers links to websites for further input.

Spence did a skillful job of explaining what an online presence is and how to correct the five deadly mistakes she identifies. Her descriptions are concise and helpful.

I enjoy the way Carma Spence played off the word “Home Page”. She explained homepage began as a choice for one or two-word usage at its beginning, and even though now it is one word, she used the two words in her title.

Overall, I appreciated the constructive material. The book is nicely put together and well thought out.

I would have preferred fewer links and more substantive information in some areas. However, I realize there are constraints in authoring a book, and trying to detail HTML, website design and other specifics is prohibitive, especially since this book is focused on helping avoid certain “deadly mistakes.”

I received a copy of this book from AuthorsXP For Readers and Authors. However, my review is voluntary, and all opinions are my own.