Murder Comes by Mail (The Hidden Springs Mysteries Book #2) by A. H. Gabhart


About the Book

A Cozy Mystery Complete with a Small Town Full of Charming, Quirky Characters

Deputy Sheriff Michael Keane doesn’t particularly enjoy being touted as the hero of Hidden Springs after pulling a suicidal man back from the edge of the Eagle River bridge in front of dozens of witnesses–a few of whom caught the breathtaking moments with their cameras. But the media hype doesn’t last long as a new story pushes its way into the public consciousness of Hidden Springs’ concerned citizens.

Photos of a dead girl arrive in the mail, and Michael becomes convinced she was murdered by the man he saved. With a killer one step ahead, things in Hidden Springs begin to unravel. Now Michael must protect the people he loves–because the killer could be targeting one of them next.

Readers will love racing along with Deputy Sheriff Keane as the clock ticks in this page-turning mystery.

My Review

Sheriff Michael Keane loves his Aunt Lindy and doesn’t want to disappoint her, even if he prefers not to help her. Nevertheless, he helps her and things go downhill from there.

First, while taking a group of Sunday school seniors to a play in a nearby town, he has lots of trouble with the old church bus. Then he has to talk a potentially suicidal person off a bridge, and to make matters worse, the local newshound shows up to take a plethora of photos. However, what Michael doesn’t know is that these are the least of his worries.

Returning to Hidden Springs and becoming reacquainted with the townspeople was delightful, and you get to know and love the people even more. Consequently, when some of the individuals are threatened, you want justice.

The story is written in a swiftly moving pace, primarily from Sheriff Keane’s point of view, and pulls you in, keeping you guessing about the identity of the murderer until the very end.

I generally refrain from reading murder mysteries; however, I had read A. H. Gabhart’s (aka Ann Gabhart) other books in contemporary novels and Shaker historical fiction and really enjoyed them.  So, when the opportunity arose for me to review her mysteries, I decided to read them, and I’m glad I did.

If you like suspenseful, psychological page-turners, then you are sure to enjoy Murder Comes by Mail; even though it is the second book in a series, you won’t be lost if you read it first.

Murder Comes by Mail is a little more intense and graphic than book one, Murder at the Courthouse (see my review:, but don’t let that stop you from reading it.

I received a complimentary copy of this book from the author and was under no obligation to post a review.


Friday’s Fiction

Muder at the Courthouse

Murder at the Courthouse: A Hidden Springs Mystery by A. H. Gabhart

About the Book

Welcome to Hidden Springs

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Michael Keane’s stressful days as a Columbus police officer are done. He’s ready to relax into his new position as deputy sheriff in his sleepy hometown. Nothing ever happens in Hidden Springs, Kentucky—and that’s just fine with Michael.

Nothing, that is, until a dead body is discovered on the courthouse steps. As Michael works to solve the case, it seems that every nosy resident in town has a theory. When the sheriff insists Michael check out one of these harebrained theories, his surprising discovery sends him on a bewildering search for a mysterious killer that has him questioning everything he has ever believed about life in Hidden Springs.

Bringing with her a knack for creating settings you want to visit and an uncanny ability to bring characters to life, A. H. Gabhart pens a whodunit that will keep you guessing.

My Thoughts

Hidden Springs is a small, quaint town in Kentucky and a great place to live and raise your children. It is the perfect home for Deputy Sheriff Michael Keane even though he doesn’t have a family yet.

Town gossip, Willadean Dearmon, stalks into Sheriff Keane’s office and demands he do something about the drunk sleeping on the courthouse steps. When Michael sees the “drunk” he realizes the man isn’t drunk, but dead. Making matters worse, no one in town, not even Willadean knows who the “drunk” is.

Beginning with this audacious murder, the story takes you on a rollercoaster ride of whodunit.  Holly Springs, Kentucky, just doesn’t have any strangers, and certainly not one that is murdered. The residents are as dumbfounded by the event as Sheriff Keane is by all the wild theories-not excluding alien abduction.

A. H. Gabhart is actually Ann H. Gabhart, author of multiple inspirational novels; however, Murder at the Courthouse is her first murder mystery. I have read and enjoyed most of Ann’s books; however, I wasn’t sure I would enjoy a murder mystery. She has definitely “solved” the problem.

Miss Gabhart has written a fascinating story full of intrigue and charm. You can’t wait to find out more about your friends in Hidden Springs and become eager for the rest of the series.

I received this book from the author, A. H. Gabhart, and Revell (a division of Baker Publishing) in exchange for an honest review.