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I took this picture a couple of days ago. The flowers are what people around here call “Comeback Azaleas” meaning the blooms “comeback” in the fall. I don’t know their correct name.

I am blown away by how well the picture turned out because I took it with an old, old phone. In addition, it was so bright at the angle I took it, I couldn’t even see what I had snapped.

I just had to share this beautiful plant with everyone!

In One Week…

In one week we have had 10 inches of snow, and had it melt! I have had 4 procedures done to my teeth (over several days) that were injured in the fall and had a procedure done on my left eye damaged in the fall, too.

Yesterday I left for the first of three Doctor’s appointments at 9:30 in the morning and didn’t get home from my last one until 8 in the evening. It was a long, tiring and painful day, to say the least.

Anyway, here are a few pictures from the snow, and one that illustrates how I felt at the dentists. However, I will say, he is very gentle, gives you medicine to calm you down and lets you use nitrous oxide, too. For people like me that have had horrendous experiences with dentists and then suffered a fall resulting in extensive tooth damage (among a multitude of other injuries), his care and kindness is so very greatly appreciated.

Front Yard the First Day

#1 is Snowman on the 2nd Day,  #2 is the Snowman on the 3rd Day (The poor thing lost his head!!), #3 is the Igloo on the 3rd Day


How I Feel When I go to the Dentist

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We Interrupt the Regularly Scheduled Blog for this Message

We have over 5 inches of snow here in our part of Alabama (you read that right!).  And it’s unheard of in our neck of the woods!

Police have closed the roads here and in surrounding areas.

Family members are required to work, because of the type of work they do.

Electricity has been flickering on and off for a while now. It will probably go out soon. I more than likely won’t be back on today.

Prayers appreciated. Thank you.

A Few Pictures Taken Earlier This Morning

If you look at this picture, taken under roof area of the carport, you can see where the roses are still blooming. They were protected by the roof overhang!

Taken from the front porch.

Taken from the front yard.

These were all taken around 10 AM, or so, there is lots more out there now. Hopefully, I’ll feel up to taking more pictures later.

I know for some people, in some parts of the world, this is nothing, but for us, it is a BIG deal!! Plus, we don’t have the equipment to deal with it, either, since we virtually never need it. Tomorrow promises to be fun with lots of ice on the roads!!

Tuesday’s Tale

The Last Heiress, by Mary Ellis, is a novel based on the relationship between a British textile mill heiress, her American family, and a poor mercantile owner.

Amanda Dunn, heiress to Dunn Textiles in England, is persuaded by her ill father, George, to go to North Carolina.  The Civil War has created problems for the employees at the mill and for the family; there are no longer any shipments of cotton available. He wants her to do everything within her power to start cotton flowing back to the mill before things become untenable. He also wants her to visit her twin sister, Abigail, and Abigail’s husband, Jackson.

Amanda, along with her maid, sets off for Wilmington. While there, she is appalled by slavery, in both North Carolina and her sister’s home.

Jackson has little tolerance for Amanda and her anti-slavery ways and is constantly trying to make her life miserable. He doesn’t see a difference between her maid and slaves though there are many real and glaring differences, were he to open his eyes.

Amanda meets a poor, local merchant who helps her navigate her way through a business dominated by males. After she falls in love with him, Jackson becomes even more inconsiderate by pointing out all the ways Nathaniel is unsuitable for her. He even arranges a dinner where his only purpose in mind is greatly embarrassing Nathaniel.

The story is interesting to read as each character struggles with the changes brought on by either out of control events or because of their beliefs and feelings.

I received this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.


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