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WOW, A Few Wild Days

We recently lost electricity, cell phone power, computer usage, etc. due to Hurricane Zeta. We also lost a little over two weeks’ worth of food in the refrigerator, and more in our freezer. It was quite a shock considering how far inland we are!

We ended up spending one night in a hotel because it got so cold. Nothing was available in our area, in fact, nothing was available for quite a few miles from home!

Though these pictures are from Pixabay, neighborhoods and cities around us looked a lot like these pictures.

If you can imagine this tree, only larger, with houses around it, then imagine if the split caused the limbs to fall on top of two houses, one on either side. To make matters worse, one house belonged to the parents, the other to their child. Both were totally destroyed.

More devastating photos, again just representations. We didn’t want to get electrocuted since a limb fell on a power line less than a block from our house!