Time Traveling to 1973: Celebrating a Special Year by Robert E. Miller

Publisher’s Summary

Let’s travel back in time to celebrate the very special year of 1973!

Were you born in 1973? Was this the year you were married?

With over 220 iconic images – over 25 vintage ads – it’s the perfect birthday or wedding anniversary gift.

Immerse yourself into the Culture, the People, the Leading Events, and the Arts that made 1973 so unique and shaped the World as we know it today.

This perfect balance between serious and popular events will rekindle your emotions of such a remarkable time and place in history!

Beautifully presented with photos on every page, this book goes over:

  • Crimes and their Punishments
  • The Iconic Movies, the TV Shows and Awards
  • Music: Top Songs, Albums and Awards
  • Sports Review: American, British and International Events
  • Pop Culture, Fashion and Popular Leisure Activities
  • Technological Advancements and Popular Cars
  • Stats and the Cost of Things
  • Iconic Advertisements of 1973
  • Politics and Leading Events around the World

A lot of work went into this process to give you the most comprehensive, yet digestible, unforgettable time travel.

Are you readyBon voyage!

Robert E. Miller’s Time Traveling to 1973: Celebrating a Special Year opens with the Watergate scandal and ends with iconic advertisements from that year. The book is filled with amazing and unforgettable tidbits that occurred in 1973.

The entries in the book flow seamlessly, transitioning from one chapter to the next in a well-thought-out and extremely germane and interesting fashion.

I was reading along and got caught up in the year, thinking to myself that this would make a wonderful birthday gift for someone born in 1973, who graduated from school (be it high school or college) in 1973 or who got married that year. They would undoubtedly be overcome by poignant, sentimental and nostalgic memories after reading it, I’m sure.

The pictures were an interesting mix of black and white and color, which decidedly enhanced the narrative.

I was pleasantly surprised to learn that certain things I had assumed to be more modern inventions had actually been developed in the 1970s and were extremely pricey.

An interesting chronology of a significant year in history, both in the US and abroad, may be found in Time Traveling to 1973: Celebrating a Special Year. The turmoil and upheaval of the year will pique readers’ interest. You can’t miss this book if you want a quick historical read!

I received a free copy of this book from LibraryThing. I voluntarily chose to give it my honest review. All opinions are my own.