Captive Dreams Window began as a blog primarily devoted to life. Now, I mainly do book reviews, however, on occasion, I will provide a thought-provoking post.

I am a prolific and AVID reader and love to blog/review books I’ve read. Most of these books have been graciously provided free. I generally review Christian books. Periodically I am asked to review other books.

I am a grandma who is constantly searching GOD’S will for her life with help from her family plus a constant large menagerie of pets. Ever striving and frequently failing, we want to become “buddies” with the Lord.


Love my family and Christ!


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  1. Thank you for choosing to share your time with me through following my blog. I hope it encourages you in your growing relationship with the Lord. If you find any of my posts appropriate for your blog, feel free to use them anytime. Thanks again for your support.

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