Emily Bean and the Flying Machine by Geneviève McLaughlin, Illustrated by Mykhail Ridkous

About Book

Emily Bean is a girl who uses the power of her imagination and excitement for science to build a rocket with the help of her trusty teddy Theodore and her cat. Join her on this epic adventure into space and maybe you’ll be ready to make your very own rocket too!

Emily Bean has a strong imagination. She decides to take her teddy bear and cat with her to the other planets in our cosmos and proceeds to build a rocket. She draws out her plans, and her mother assists her in cutting out the cardboard pieces for the rocket.

The narrative by Geneviève McLaughlin is winsomely written in a kid-friendly tone. Having an engaging, curious imagination is something that all youngsters can relate to.

Mykhail Ridkous, the illustrator, did an amazing job creating images that children will like and connect to their lives. They’re vibrant, vivid, and playful.

Emily Bean and the Flying Machine is adorable and is now one of my favorite books. My granddaughter, who is just under two years old, loves it as well. She decided she wanted to make a rocket like Emily. (She made a blanket fort instead because a rocket was a little too ambitious for her.) This delightful story spurred her imagination and creativity, which I appreciated.

A charming story aimed at youngsters aged 3 to 8, Emily Bean and the Flying Machine could easily be read to and understood by younger children. Furthermore, older children will find it easy to read themselves and will appreciate the story.

Thank you to Reedsy Discovery and author, Geneviève McLaughlin, for providing me with a copy of Emily Bean and the Flying Machine. I have provided an unbiased review.

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