The Happy Crab by Layla and Kevin Palmer, Illustrated by Guy Wolek 

About the Book

Happy is an adventurous little crab whose world is suddenly turned upside down (literally!) when a mama and her son discover his large, unbroken shell while on vacation at the beach. After deciding to keep the shell as a souvenir, the boy unexpectedly feels the crab move inside and is suddenly faced with a decision: take him home or let him go. His compassion for the crab and thoughtful decision to release him gently reminds readers of the importance of selflessness and highlights how our environment, relationships, and experiences contribute greatly to our happiness.
The Happy Crab is based on a true story experienced by Kevin, Layla, and their son, Steevenson, and you can see a video of the actual shell and crab at

A little crab experiences all kinds of escapades and exciting undertakings in The Happy Crab by Layla and Kevin Palmer. (Illustrated by Guy Wolek.)

The small crab adores his pals and enjoys discovering and experiencing first-hand incredible travels all around the world. He travels to Haiti on the back of a whale, sails to Florida and engages in a variety of other spectacular and thrilling ventures.

The Happy Crab is a picture book with large, exaggerated drawings of sea creatures. The graphics are striking and fanciful, adding to the attractiveness of the book for children.

My small granddaughter loved the book and pretended she was riding the whale’s back with the crab, too.

The story’s theme of helping others and doing the right thing appealed to me. These are great lessons for kids.

The battle between what the young boy wished and what was best was particularly touching. We loved it when the small child gave the crab the name Happy. (It was also a hit with the crab!!)

The recommended reading age range is 3–8 years old. However, my granddaughter, who is under the age of two, loved it.

I received this book from Bethany House. My review is voluntary, and all opinions are my own.

4 thoughts on “The Happy Crab by Layla and Kevin Palmer, Illustrated by Guy Wolek 

    1. RobbyeFaye Post author

      Thank you so much, Inese!
      I have always loved books and have passed that love down to my kids and grandkids.
      I feel honored to pass on information about wholesome and good books, through my blog, for other families to enjoy.
      I’m doing a little better. Each day brings new promises.
      Praying for you and your situation.


  1. Lisa Beth

    Love the ideas in this book RobbyeFaye! While the practical lesson is so important (crabs and other life forms like Starfish are actually ALIVE) the application towards kindness and appreciation sounds just as good.
    Live on Happy Crab!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. RobbyeFaye Post author

      Thank you!
      I thought it was cute and very educational for little ones. I agree children need to know some sea creatures are alive, and treat them accordingly.



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