Shaping Your Family Story: How Imperfect Parents Create Hope and Promise for Their Children by David W. Welday Ⅲ and James L. Coffield

About the Book

Relax! Take a deep breath. Shaping Your Family Story will fill you with hope, confidence and give you valuable insights on how to become the director of an incredible story-one that will bless not only your child, but your whole family!

At last, here’s a parenting book for people who hate parenting books! Every parent at times feels overwhelmed and convinced they are wrecking their kids. Some of us feel that way all the time! We want help – not judgement and a list of more things to do. We watch the stories of our children unfold so quickly. We wonder if we are doing enough. Are we making a difference in their lives? Here is a book that will support you, encourage you and help you give your kids hope and promise – without stressing yourself crazy. Shaping Your Family Story provides valuable insights on how to become the director of an incredible family story – one that will bless not only your child, but your whole family.

David W. Welday III and James L. Coffield, the authors of Shaping Your Family Story, blended their voices into one and drew on concepts they had heard and learned from other parents to create an impressive parenting book.

Virtually all parents have questioned their role or said something pithy at some point throughout their parenting journey, and each chapter starts with one of those statements. The analogy of the five core principles-Reflecting, Directing, Protecting, Correcting, and Connecting-to the parts of an inspiring story-character, plot setting, conflict, and theme-piqued my interest. (How could it not, given my love of books and my fascination with them?)

Each chapter contains many helpful resources as well as common family anecdotes and suggestions for how to approach and manage various situations. The sections on discipline styles and useful rules guidelines are invaluable.

Throughout the narrative, there’s a wealth of information with numerous nuggets to be mined and adapted. I enjoyed how the writers wrapped up the book with a section on connecting with God, emphasizing and highlighting the necessity and importance of each person and the family as a whole to embark on a journey to find God.

There’s no way for me to do this book justice in a review. I wish it had been available while my children were smaller and not yet adults. However, perhaps it will help them to avoid the many mistakes I made.

I received a free copy of this book from HigherLife and voluntarily chose to give it my honest review.

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