Summer Bog Down

We have had a strange few weeks in our household.

It started with one of us getting RSV (Respiratory Syncytial Virus). Of the six of us, only one didn’t succumb to this insidious, energy draining disease. We teased that they must have been an asymptomatic carrier.

Then, our internet provider had a Nationwide internet, telephone and cable TV outage.

Top that off with non-stop rain for weeks…

Only good thing about it so far has been the cooler weather for this time of year. It has, however, been very muggy.

20 thoughts on “Summer Bog Down


    Hope things begin to look up for you and your family. The past couple years seem to be filled with anxious times for all. Maybe Jesus is coming back soon!

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  2. Inese, visual artist, writer and life sciences blogger

    All bad things sometimes end, all of them, and hopefully, there are no remaining effects of that virus.
    Interesting how we also have rain practically every day. It was crazy hot and very dry up to Midsummer, June 21, and then as it started to rain it hasn’t stopped yet. My garden is doing great, though, it adjusts. Just had my own cucumbers, the other day zucchini, etc.
    Hopefully, the bad streak disappears and better days come your way!

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    1. RobbyeFaye Post author

      Thank you for that reminder, Inese! Sometimes in the midst of it all, it’s easy to forget.
      Glad your garden is doing well. I wasn’t able to get one in this year.


  3. Faye

    My daughter has learnt and is learning that only in surrender to GOD’S Will does anything really matter. My blog today will explain. Thank you for your post and blessings. She is breathing her last in Palliative Care. Your post has struck a chord in my heart. We have cold and wind and stories of contagion and war. She has only God and PEACE>

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