Wagon Train Wife: Prairie Brides by Catherine Kennedy

Publisher’s Summary

She will do anything to ensure her sister’s safety…even marry a man she barely knows.

Eliza Fairchild arrived in America from England with her sister and parents expecting to continue her sheltered, upper-class lifestyle in the new country. However, the death of her parents and the cruelty of her guardians leaves Eliza and her sister, Hannah, in a precarious situation. 

Thomas Flannagan has vowed never to love again after the death of his young wife shortly after their arrival in America. His need for a wife, and his desire to keep the Fairchild sisters safe motivate him to propose a marriage of convenience. 

Working together to create a home in the wild Kansas prairie brings Thomas and Eliza closer together, but the tender shoots of affection between them are threatened when her sister’s past catches up with them. 

Wagon Train Wife, the first book inthe Walton Valley Series, is a historical novel tracing life on the wagon trail for novice travelers.  But there is also a prequel. (The link to my review: https://captivedreamswindow.wordpress.com/2021/03/23/his-wagon-train-sweetheart-by-catherine-kennedy/)

Thomas Flannagan, livery stable operator, finds a very distraught female in a stable at his livery who refuses to leave.

When confronted with her sister Hannah’s seemingly irrational fear of leaving the stable or returning home to their cruel guardians, Eliza Fairchild takes the reins in her hands and figures out a way to protect them.

I respected how Eliza felt responsible for the care of her baby sister. Her idea to join a wagon train was a solid, valid thought for the time. Informed she couldn’t go on the wagon train as a single female, Eliza didn’t back down. Instead, she enlisted help from Thomas, who agreed to marry her.

The story is authentic and realistic. Eliza’s struggles on the wagon train are interesting, and her qualms and worries about her “in name only” marriage are convincing.

Several characters from the prequel are reintroduced, allowing for catching up with their lives.

Overall, the tale is one of love, forgiveness and new life. I felt it to be credible. Although there were several instances of proofreading errors that distracted me from the story, if you’re looking for a quick, historical fiction short story, I believe you will enjoy this one!

I received Wagon Train Wife from  BookSirens. I am leaving this review voluntarily.

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