Miranda, Queen of Broken Toys Written and Illustrated by Andrea Tripke

About Book

Publisher’s Summary

Miranda is unlike all of her friends. While her friends love getting new and shiny Miranda Queen of Broken Toystoys, she sees beauty in the broken and unwanted ones.

Becoming the Queen of Broken Toys, Miranda often feels lonely until one day a boy shows up at her gates.

An extensive toy search and some unexpected raspberry-tea- and-tomato-and-cheese-sandwich-disaster change her life forever.

Miranda, Queen of Broken Toys is a humorous yet heartwarming story dealing with lacking values in today’s throwaway society, accompanied by quirky illustrations.

Andrea Tripke typically illustrates children’s books, but with Miranda, Queen of Broken Toys, readers are introduced to her debut as an author.

I love the subtle lessons sprinkled along the way. Children can learn from this enchanting children’s story.

The illustrations are winsome and full of deep, cheerful colors. Attention to detail in each drawing highlights a flawless tale of renewal and purpose.

Andrea Tripke takes a lonesome little girl and gives her and her broken toys a reason for existence while helping a little boy along the way.

Prepare for a wonderfully sweet and insightful adventure as you follow Queen Miranda in her Kingdom of Broken Toys.

I received this book from LibraryThing . However, I was under no obligation to write a review.


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