8 thoughts on “Wise Words Wednesday

  1. Inese, artist, writer and life sciences specialist

    That is true. Before the harsh lesson, we’re given reminders, hints, signs, all kinds of things which should point to what’s going to happen. I won’t say it’s God because God never punished anybody or treats in a horrible way. We create the chain of events, we make the choices which result in one or another thing. There is simply no other way, we have to assume.
    I take you are better, are you? I certainly hope so. These side effects of surgeries and medications, they last for a long time, sometimes decades.
    At least, you’re publishing posts, that is a sign that you are managing things somehow.
    Stay safe and I hope the blessings find you in a good and potentially improving condition and mood!

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    1. RobbyeFaye Post author

      I’m doing better. Like anything, there are good days and bad days. I try to pre-set some of my posts. It makes it easier to have a post on those days I’m not feeling so great.

      Thank you for touching base with me. I usually don’t have much energy so I don’t comment on blog posts much anymore.




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