Thank You, Friends, So Very Much

I am humbled, grateful and thankful to everyone for all their prayers and good wishes.

I am still very weak and have a lot of pain, too. As you all probably know from previous hospitalizations, I have had a good portion of my colon and small intestines removed. This time even more has been removed, so I’m having to adjust to a new way of living that involves an ostomy.

This normally isn’t a problem. However, for some reason, almost anything that could happen post-op, has! It has been very discouraging and depressing for me and also very time consuming, involving multiple Dr visits, and at a minimum daily (sometimes many more) visits from home health. We’re still struggling through this and it is very wearing emotionally and physically. Bill, throughout this whole ordeal, has been a rock. I know he’s very weary, too. But, he continues to gently push me where I need to be and encourages me constantly.

We’re praying this will be the final of many surgeries since 2014.

Thank you again so very much for your prayers encouragement for me and my family. (It may take me a while to respond to each comment, but I will).

Blessings and prayers for each of you.

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