I Was AWOL for Over a Month!!

My baby sister’s husband, as many of you know, has cancer. She has been his primary caretaker for almost six months. My other sister and I decided she needed a break! So, with a little help, and a lot of maneuvering between states, we were able to take her on a small vacation in Branson, and a more extended break in Kansas (though the longer break wasn’t planned!).

(Just like me, this young lady waited hours for a delayed flight)

I flew to Dallas to meet up with my baby sister and drive to Kansas to meet up with my other sister. As we drove and talked, we were enjoying the leisurely drive. However, we kept hearing things about flooding and road closures near the Oklahoma/Kansas border. At one stop on I-35, we inquired about the reports and were ensured there were no problems. At another stop along the same route, a kind gentleman mentioned to us that the interstate near the border was closed. My other sister, whom we were in constant phone contact with, called the DOT for both states and was assured there was no problem, too. Little did we know!

Just before Blackwell, Oklahoma, this happened!


I-35 was FLOODED!!!

We were rerouted beginning before the flooded area in Oklahoma and ending past Wichita in Kansas. We spent over 3 hours in bumper to bumper traffic crawling along at approximately 10-20 miles an hour through small two-lane, residential and commercial, rain covered roads. There were many, many flooded farms, ranches and yards. Bridges we went over had water lapping on the sides. The entire time was nail-biting and stressful.

If you’d like to see actual video of I-35, click here. Point 1:25 is where it starts showing how terrible it was!

We finally arrived in Kansas, then off to Branson. I’ll write more later about our fun (insert sarcasm) at the resort, and our genuine delight around town-and more rain!! Also, about all the tornadoes in the area while we were in Kansas!

35 thoughts on “I Was AWOL for Over a Month!!

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    1. RobbyeFaye Post author

      True. I grew up with what I laughingly call gypsies, as we moved more than 60 times-from California to Georgia several times-before I was 16. I guess I inherited the trait, too as I LOVE to travel!

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  2. Faye

    thank you sincerely for sharing this. It really gave a insight to what we here in Oz only have a very limited knowledge. Glad you are back safely. Hope in and through it all your loved one found respite and change of scenery to strengthen her life and spirit. Blessings! Love.

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    1. RobbyeFaye Post author

      Faye, it was quite an adventure! I live in an area that sometimes gets tornadoes and lots of rain, but I think I’ve only seen it one time like it was there. They have had a couple of years of it!!
      I believe it helped her a lot. She was just worn out.
      Love and blessings to you~๐Ÿ’–

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  3. Rita Shavers

    Oh my what an experience…. good to know you’re all safe and sound and getting back to normalcy – It’s a blessing to have loving sisters! I have three who are always ready to lend a hand as well. Through it all, I pray that your sister received the respite needed ~ Blessings

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    1. RobbyeFaye Post author

      Thank you, Rita. It was an experience, and at times VERY scary!
      We have all gotten much, much closer since we lost we our baby brother a few years ago.
      My sister desperately needed a rest, and I think it helped her a lot (at least I surely pray so.).

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  4. the senior weaver

    I’m so glad you’re all safe. We lived in Oklahoma and remember the weather: floods, tornados, ice storms. The very unpredictable Oklahoma weather. But, the golden grassy fields, rolling in the breeze as summer ended, were as beautiful as the clear blue sky in winter. Hugs and love to all of you! Mary โค

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    1. RobbyeFaye Post author

      Thank you, Mary. It was quite the adventure!!
      I agree, we were stationed at Ft Sill for a while and travelled back home to Texas a few times, and the landscape was breathtaking!
      Hugs and love to you and yours!

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    1. RobbyeFaye Post author

      Ryan, this was in my spam! I just found it.
      Topeka is a lovely area, in fact, I like all of Kansas for the most part.
      Thank you. We were fortunate, God was definitely with us!
      Thank you also for the prayers, they are much needed and appreciated.
      Blessings to you and yours~

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