Thursday Throwback-Northbound by Stuart F. Griffin

Sheriff Will Jacobs, sheriff of Stone Ridge, California, leaves the city for a job interview never dreaming he would come back to find his wife, Emma, kidnapped.  He thanks God for leaving his daughter, Libby, safe and sound but knows he’ll have to leave her with others in order to track down his wife and bring her home.

Will sets out on his tracking journey with no real idea how or why Emma was kidnapped and even less idea of which way to go.  He’s aided by two people he befriends and thus begins the story.

There are many twists and turns and plenty of surprises throughout the story.  The introduction of each new character and setting adds to the excitement of the book.

Northbound is a western set in mid-1800s and does a good job capturing the life and times of early California, during the gold rush era; however, the book is not about the gold rush.

Griffin liberally uses the Bible to illustrate his book and establishes an intense Christian foundation that he follows from beginning to end.

The book was a pleasant read, though I had a hard time with the spelling and grammatical errors (that have apparently since been corrected). Overall, the book gives insight into a person’s ability to cling to God even in the worst of circumstances and how God never leaves us.

I was given this book by BookCrash. However, I was under no obligation to post a review.

From 2012


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