Strange and Unusual Encounter

Our granddaughter is going to a college near us, and I take her to classes. One day recently, her teacher wanted them to meet at a different location a few miles from the school and further from our home. I decided I would drop her off then go somewhere closer to where she was, to read a book and enjoy a cup of coffee, as it was very cold and windy. I figured this would be easier than going home and then back, plus it gave me more reading time! Before I left home, I had decided on a fast food restaurant not far from where I dropped her off. However, I passed one a little closer and chose to go there instead.

Now, here’s where the story gets interesting. As I was getting out of the car, my hands full with my keys, purse (have I ever mentioned how much I detest purses?) and book while struggling with a heavy, unwieldy jacket, I noticed someone coming up behind me. I quickly exited my car as I felt I could defend my self more easily; that way was there a need. Also, I could hit the panic button on my car if necessary, which would alert those in the restaurant to a problem. I am always skittish when someone approaches me (even friends sometimes due to an attack), so this put me on high alert.

A gentleman with an obvious speech impediment questioned me. Trust me when I say you have the benefit of some translation which was way more than I had. Anyway, I was able to make out that he wanted some money. Now, I never carry money with me, only my bank card, so I told him I was sorry I didn’t have any money. Before I had a chance to even offer to buy him food, he asked if I would buy him something to eat. I answered, “Sure, come on with me.” He looked at me quizzically and asked, “Really?” I replied, “Really!” This went on for the few seconds it took for us to get to the door. He then asked if I would buy the most expensive item they had. I paused for a moment, while trying to open the door and assessed the man.

As I continued to try to open the door, I realized he was in a t-shirt type jacket, thin pants and was wearing no hat or coat. Feeling he had to be freezing and probably hungry, too; I told him I would.

At that point, the manager opened the door for us, and we were seated. We gave our order, with me trying to translate for the waitperson. As we waited for our food, he talked to me.

He indicated his friends nicknamed him Ice Man because he was always so cold, touching my hand to demonstrate. He wasn’t kidding! I have cold extremities year-round which become worse in winter, but his hands were much, much colder than mine.

He continued talking to me. He told me I needed to laugh and smile more, that I was a blessing to him and he was happy to meet me. I told him he was right, I did need to laugh and smile more, and he was a blessing to me. Of course, he asked me how and why he was a blessing. I tried to explain, but I teared up and couldn’t say much. He patted my hand and just talked to me. He told me that God promised that if we ask, we receive. I smiled and said that yes, the Bible promised us that. He was happy that I knew the verse and told me I needed to believe it more. He also told me I should be Santa Claus this year. I laughed and said there was no way I could be Santa! Laughingly, he agreed.

About this point, our waitperson came back with our food. As I started to add salt and pepper in preparation to eat, he called the waitperson back over. He told her he was my friend, but he needed to leave. He asked her to divide the meal into three bags to go. As he prepared to leave, he reiterated that I needed to laugh and smile more and not forget, if we ask, God gives.

I asked if he had somewhere to stay. However, he never really said, only that he wasn’t aware of any shelters nearby, nor was I.

When he left, tears were streaming down my face. I didn’t know how to help this poor, frozen Ice Man save for praying. Nonetheless, he helped me. Believe it or not, since then, I have been laughing and smiling so much more than I had been before. I’m crying as I relate this, remembering what a sweet, unconventional meeting.

I know this is sort of rambling and not well written or edited. My desire was to convey my feelings more than anything. I firmly believe I entertained an angel that afternoon, for in Hebrews 13:2 (King James Version) the Bible says, “Be not forgetful to entertain strangers: for thereby some have entertained angels unawares.”

I am thankful my fear didn’t cause me to brush him off or ignore him. For even though he may not have been who or what I believe him to be, he was a cold, hungry man that was able to have three meals either for himself or to share with other hungry people. And that, my friends, makes it all worthwhile.

Oh, and one little footnote-the restaurant didn’t even have coffee or hot tea!


36 thoughts on “Strange and Unusual Encounter

  1. Thank you. The word brought by this person to you as well as the complexity of his (circumstances) confirm to me that this was not an ‘ordinary’ encounter. Be Blessed as you remember all he told you. Often ? angelic encounters like this may have been and will be revealed more fully to you as time goes by. Your response took courage. May you be blessed!.

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      1. Well a lot of puzzling appearances of a person giving a message or messages have happened this same way. I have heard of it. So is it indicated in the bibical story (film) of Ruth and shares revealed to me. Have a great week as well Robbye!

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        1. That is very true. I know I have been letting a lot of what’s going on in my life and that of my family, to get me down almost to the point of depression. Perhaps, He was reminding me God is still there and hears my pleas. I like to think it happened for that reason.
          Thank you for giving me a wonderful new perspective!


  2. I know I’ve talked to you about the homeless in my city, we have a real concern with many people homeless on the streets. Every so often a new person will show up and ask for money while I’m out working, the “old timers” will quickly chastise them “can’t you see she’s working?!” to the confusion of the person. I always smile and relay I am working but will be back later if I can. What the “old timers” know is in the summer I always bring them water, offer to buy food from one of the local places if I can. In the winter I give them hot drinks (usually tea or coffee) and food… for cold weather a full belly is the best way to stay warm. I help as much as I can. I don’t really ask anything in return. They know I don’t carry cash, they give me space, chat with me while I’m around town, will ask about the dogs and sometimes help me with training. A few have shared their stories with me and my heart breaks. One is a vietnam vet too mentally wrecked to care for himself, I look at him and my heart breaks every time thinking of all he scarified and where he is today. I give him coffee a few times a week and his whole body relaxes for a bit and he shares stories with me. One of them has what appears to be severe OCD (counting) and struggles badly, but he’s like a child with the dogs and just adores them. So gentle, sweet, and understanding. When he’s having a good day he talks with me, bad days he just walks around town with his head down ignoring everyone, stuck in his mind. There’s about six others I know personally, all living right there in the heart of old town and these multimillion dollar houses. Everyone is rough with them, yelling and shuffling along. The local PD know them and give them leeway, only getting involved if there’s an issue, I see the PD slip blankets, jackets, and food to them from time to time as well.

    I’ve learned a lot about empathy and compassion years working around this town and I’ve learned a lot about the ugliness in people. I do wish I could do more, but I give what I’m able to and what’s safe for them (so as not to enable any possible addictions), and I pray a lot.

    This story you told reminds me of the regular encounters I have, almost daily. I hope it helps others to open their hearts and help in whatever ways they can as well. Thank you for sharing this story.

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    1. Melissa, we seldom see homeless around here, I think because there aren’t really any warm places for them to be. We don’t have sidewalks or anywhere conducive to shelter.
      I remember when we lived in Baltimore, that a lot of times, downtown you would see them lying on top of the vents where it was warm. It was so sad, there were so many, and no real way to help them. I remember we took some for food, too.
      I am so glad you have developed a greater sense of empathy and compassion. I, too, wish I could do more.
      Strange thing was, the place had no hot coffee or hot tea, couldn’t even order it. I had forgotten that until just now, and that was the whole reason I went there! Another reason why I knew it was a divine encounter!
      You are so welcome; I’m glad it touched you! I love you. (Hope you had a great birthday!)


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