Gateway to the West (Thanksgiving Books & Blessings Collection One, Book 2) by Susette Williams

My Review

Hayley Hunter, recently widowed, needs to join her brother and his family in order to survive this new country she finds herself in. With that in mind, she convinces long-time widower and trail master, Malcom Wheeler, to allow her to be the cook, at least until she can join up with her brother and family along the trail.

Susette Williams packs a lot into her 91-page novella. I was amazed at how well the characters were developed, how well the story flowed and the strength of the plot. Novellas, by virtue of their abbreviated length, are sometimes tricky. Gateway to the West includes romance, hope, tragedy, faith and fourberie.

An author needs to pack a lot of story into a very small package, and Susette excels with Gateway to the West!

Each story in the Thanksgiving Books & Blessings Collection is a stand-alone. In addition, some are novellas, and some are full-length novels.

Publisher’s Summary

Missouri, 1840

Coming to America was supposed to be a new adventure for Hayley Hunter and her husband, a chance for a fresh start in a new country. She never dreamed her journey would land her alone in a strange place with nobody she knew. She joins up with a wagon train in the hopes of meeting up with her brother and his family along the trail.

Malcom Wheeler knows the hardships and heartbreak families face, but there’s usually safety in numbers, so he runs his own wagon train to try and help people determined to head out west. Taking the lady along goes against his better judgement; understanding her plight and being happy about it are two different things.

Can Malcom help Hayley find comfort by restoring a part of her past when he finds her family’s trunk that holds a journal? Is there hope for both of them to find a family of their own?


• Book 1: GONE TO TEXAS By Caryl McAdoo

• Book 2: GATEWAY TO THE WEST By Susette Williams

• Book 3: TRAIL TO CLEAR CREEK By Kit Morgan

• Book 4: HEART AND HOME By P. Creeden

• Book 5: NO TURNING BACK By Lynette Sowell

• Book 6: DAUGHTER OF DEFIANCE By Heather Blanton

• Book 7: UNMISTAKABLY YOURS By Kristin Holt

• Book 8: ESTHER’S TEMPTATION By Lena Nelson Dooley

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