Everyday Bible Promises for Women Compiled by Barbour Staff

My Review

The Everyday Bible Promises for Women Devotional is short, with to the point sections corresponding to the daily Bible verses. Each day features one to two paragraphs, two Bible verses and a prayer illustrating the day’s topic. The topics are wide and varied and include areas such as hope, faith, rest and trials, to name a very few.

I liked how the end of the devotional broke the study down into the books of the Bible that were highlighted, beginning with Genesis, and gave the days that corresponded to each of the passages. However, I would have liked to have an index giving each day separately, too.

The Everyday Bible Promises for Women is a perfect companion devotional for those hectic, can’t seem to catch up days.

I received this book from NetGalley. However, I was under no obligation to post a review.

Publisher’s Summary

Refreshing Blend of Bible Promises and Encouraging Inspiration for Women

Barbour’s Bible Promise Books are perennial bestsellers, with millions of copies in print. Here’s a fantastic book of promises just for women, featuring an inspiring scriptural theme for every day of the year.  Covering topics like Wisdom, Faith, Prayer, Encouragement, Love, Joy, and more—each scripture speaks directly to your heart, drawing you ever closer to your heavenly Father.  Two daily scripture selections are complemented by a brief devotion and prayer, for a refreshing blend of Bible promises and encouragement!


22 thoughts on “Everyday Bible Promises for Women Compiled by Barbour Staff

            1. Sad, but true. Gambling is a real addiction for some. I’ve heard, though I’ve never been there, that they do lots of lights and sirens to keep people thinking they’ll be the next one to win. Lots of hype and noise.
              The only thing that makes you a winner in anything in life is Christ.
              Bless you, my friend! 💖

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    1. You are very welcome, dear friend.
      I have enjoyed what I’ve read. (Being it’s all 365 days, I picked relevant dates to read.) It doesn’t have what I would call a full daily devotional, just quick reminders and pick me ups for those times when you want to spend time with the Lord, but are just busy or overwhelmed.
      Blessings~ 💖


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