Friday Flashback

I lost my Dad four years ago on Super Bowl Sunday, which, if you knew him, you would know it seemed fitting and appropriate that it happened on that day.

I had a lot of respect for my Dad, but a lot of anger, too. I was able to forgive him. However, the pain of some of his words still linger.

In many ways, even though he was short (in his estimation) for a man, and always carried a chip on his shoulder because of it, he was also bigger than life to all of us in our family.

Below is the blog post, with minor revisions, I wrote two years ago where I was reminiscing about him.

Dad, this ones for you!

Dad20(One of my favorite pictures of Dad)

My father passed away two years ago on a Super Bowl Sunday, that Sunday, however, was February 2.

Dad had been having trouble here at home, which had sent him to the hospital and then rehab. One of my sisters, who lives in another state, wanted to spend some time with him and help get him back to better health.  Therefore, we decided when he left rehab for him and hubs (to help with transfers, etc.) to fly to her home state for Dad to visit.

Things were going pretty well until he had a small incident with his heart that sent him to the hospital. He was there for a while and then sent to rehab again. Things were progressing really well at rehab, but he was lonely. My sister’s FLMA (Family Leave and Medical Act) time was up, so I decided to fly out to visit for a short time.

While I was there, his doctor decided to release him from rehab on February 2. I was scheduled to fly home on January 29. I tried everything I could think of to delay my flight, but without a substantial penalty, I couldn’t. Naturally, I turned to prayer!

On January 28 a massive ice/snow storm was predicted for the south, where I was flying back to. In the early AM of January 29th, I received a message my flight had been canceled. I jokingly told my brother-in-law that the Lord had answered my prayers. He, not so jokingly, replied that he really didn’t think the Lord inconvenienced the entire South for my benefit.iceWhoa!! Talk about me being put in my place! We got 13 inches of snow where I was. I don’t remember ever seeing that much snow in my life and definitely not from the start of snowfall to the end. It was COLD but very, very pretty. (Side Note-we got 10 inches this year-2018, in Alabama, no less!!)

We all went to see Dad and joked about the weather, lamented about his beloved Cowboys not being in the Super Bowl and teased each other about our choices of winner. Everyone was in high spirits looking forward to Dad being out of rehab and the upcoming Super Bowl.

On the morning of February 2, Dad got up, ate breakfast, teased with the nurses and CNA’s (he always said he’d be a tease till the day he died, and he was!). He took his shower, shaved, got back in bed for a little bit to warm up from his shower-and never got up again.

There were so many things about Dad that were admirable, and quite a few that weren’t, also. He was a dedicated and hard worker. He cared very much for his family. He even, when our car broke down, and we didn’t have money to repair it, rode a bicycle to and from work, in all kinds of weather and at all hours of the day or night-whatever his schedule dictated. There were times he could be unbelievably sarcastic and cruel, but he never asked anything of anyone that he wasn’t willing to do himself.

at-t-stadium Dallas

He worked for several years for the Dallas Cowboys, during their golden years with the Jimmy Johnson dynasty. And, even though he could not stand owner Jerry Jones, he was fiercely loyal to the Cowboys. (Loyalty, to a fault sometimes, was another of his good qualities.) I have some wonderful memories of visiting the old Cowboy’s stadium, along with some fantastic pictures-my kids have run off with the pictures!

So, every Super Bowl Sunday is bittersweet for me. I’m sure it will be even worse when the Cowboys finally do play a Super Bowl game again.

Dad, one day soon, your beloved Cowboys will win the Super Bowl again!


17 thoughts on “Friday Flashback

  1. Sweet post, thank you for sharing it. I’m sorry you lost your dad. I lost mine a few years ago, too.

    I enjoyed hearing about the convenient snow storm that came with perfect timing. I’m pretty sure the Lord would never inconvenience a whole area just for me, but you never know! He does love us an awful lot. 🙂

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    • Thank you. I’m sorry to hear about your Dad.
      I lost mom almost 10 years ago and my baby brother passed away three years ago in May. I had just begun getting over Dad when I lost my brother. It’s tough, but we’ll have a glorious reunion in heaven one day!!
      I’m pretty sure the Lord didn’t do it for me either, but you never know. Like you said, He loves us an awful lot!

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  2. Thank you. I was blessed to read this post about your Dad. Losing our loved ones is one of the parts of our own life’s journeys that impacts our own so profoundly. My dad and my mum have both gone now and even though life moves on, memories are the golden strands that bind it all together. (even if many of the memories face us with the honesty of human frailties.). Remembering all the good times and all the valuable only enhances us as givers of our best to others.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Thank you. I lost my Mom almost ten years ago and my baby brother three years ago come May.
      It is tough, but I know they were Christians, which is a great comfort. We’ll have a wonderful reunion one day!
      I like the idea of the golden strands, it’s a nice thought!


  3. This is a beautiful tribute to your dad, Robbye! Thanks for telling your story. I’m sorry there were difficulties, but I’m sure he is extremely grateful for your lovely post. You have truly demonstrated here what forgiveness looks like! ❤ and hugs!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you so much for the kind words, Lynn.
      I had a very difficult childhood, but realized Mom and Dad (fr the most part) did the best they could with what they knew.
      ❤ and hugs to you, sweet friend!


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