Break Time Is Over!!!

Well, the break is over. The time was filled with a flurry of doctor’s appointments, physical therapy, holidays, more appointments and therapy, culminating in yesterday’s holiday!

I’ll be catching up with comments, etc. later today and tomorrow (that is if I don’t lose internet because of the ice and snow we are predicted to get later today!).

snowing GIF

(giphy image)

Be on the lookout for new reviews, a list of the best of 2017 and some exciting news to be announced soon.

18 thoughts on “Break Time Is Over!!!

    1. RobbyeFaye Post author

      Thank you. I am both glad the break is over and wish I had taken longer, LOL!
      Wow, the wind really cuts through you when it’s cold like that-stay warm!
      We actually did lose the internet for a while, and the electricity flickered on and off. We never totally lost electricity, which was a blessing!
      I hope you have nice days again soon!

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