Busy Week Ahead!

I will be posting a review every day this week! I apologize in advance, as I know last week was the same. I also know, I’m adding to everyone’s TBR. However, I’m on several authors’ street teams, and a lot of the books are being released very close together!

I also am having a giveaway this week! Stay tuned!!

(Pixabay images-TBR Pile!)

13 thoughts on “Busy Week Ahead!

  1. I am not sure if I should thank-you for the wonderful reviews or scold you for adding to my ever-growing TBR pile! Glad you are feeling well enough to review again- I will learn to deal with my huge pile of books (someday). πŸ™‚

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    • LOL. I can very well understand your dilemma! I feel that way when I go to other blogs and see their lists. ARRRGG, just not enough time!!
      I don’t know if I’ll learn to deal with my constantly teetering TBR pile!
      Have a great week!

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    Kristi Ann

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