A Patchwork Christmas: Three Christmas Romances with Bonus Handcraft Patterns and Cookie Recipes by Judith Mccoy Miller, Nancy Moser and Stephanie Grace Whitson


Publisher’s Summary

In late Victorian-era America, women married for convenience as often as they married for love. When passion seems a distant hope, how delightful it is that God surprises three young women with second-chance love just in time for the holidays.

*  SEAMS LIKE LOVE by Judith Miller:  Betrayed by the man she thought God had designed for her, a resident of the Amana Colonies packs away her wedding quilts as well as any plans for marriage. But God has other plans.

*  A PATCHWORK LOVE by Stephanie Grace Whitson:  A young widow is headed west to marry a prosperous businessman she barely knows in order to give her daughter a better life when a snowstorm strands them in the middle of nowhere.

*  THE BRIDAL QUILT by Nancy Moser:  A wealthy ingénue–the toast of New York–inadvertently causes grave injury to a man who saves a street orphan from her carriage. But then she discovers he’s a man from her past…

Surprised by the possibility of love, each woman must search her heart, change her plans, make a decision, and patch together a tender, unexpected life filled with love.

My Review

Betrayed by her fiancé, Karla Stuke decides marriage isn’t for her. Instead, she spends her time helping her sister, Antje, prepare for her wedding and helping her family with their hotel. After all, she knows the male population is only interested in pretty females, and she knows she isn’t pretty. She is plain.

Frank Lehner, a childhood friend, returns to the Amanas after finishing school and is pleasantly surprised to find out Karla isn’t married. However, he never expected her to be so hurt and standoffish.

Seams Like Love by Judith Miller is set in the Amana Colonies of Iowa in 1890. The story is interesting, giving insight into a little-known religion. The characters are relatable and endearing. I also appreciated the bonus quilt patterns and recipes at the end of this story (and the other two).

I had always thought the Amana Colonies were founded by the Amish. However, they were a group called the Inspirationist of the Community of True Inspiration. I found the following, if you are interested in more information History of Amana Colonies.

A Patchwork Love, by Stephanie Grace Whitson, introduces us to Jane McClure, a widow, and her daughter, Molly. Jane’s husband passed away not long after the Civil War, leaving his family destitute due to his poor investment decisions. Jane, in desperation, decides to accept the invitation of a businessman, Mr. Huggins, and move from Omaha to Denver in the hopes of a relationship that results in marriage.

Mrs. Gruber and her son Peter rescue Jane and Molly when their train is stranded because of snow drifts on the train tracks. However, Molly develops a fever and cough, forcing them to impose on the Gruber’s even longer. When Mrs. Gruber becomes ill, Jane is in a quandary. How can she help the woman who so kindly helped her and Molly before Mr. Huggins changes his mind?

I appreciate how Ms. Whitson portrays the many different elements of character and character development in A Patchwork Love. I came to care about each person and their feelings as more and more was revealed.

The Bridal Quilt, by Nancy Moser, richly illustrates the vast differences between high society’s select few and those of a lower social status.

Ada Wallace, part of the New York privileged is being pushed hard by her mother to get Samuel Alcott, of the Alcott bankers, to propose, thereby assuring Ada’s fortunes for life.

Samuel, however, rescues a street orphan and changes his outlook on life, throwing his preconceived notions out the window. His life changing rescue creates a dilemma for Ada’s mother and alters Ada’s life.

I was touched by the acceptance portrayed by the orphans and enjoyed their child like faith and love.

All three stories were heartwarming making them perfect for the holidays.

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