Angel Song by Mary Manners


Publisher’s Summary

Down on her luck, college-educated art teacher Quinn Sanders is a single mom who’s returned to Landers Hollow to raise her five-year-old daughter, Linsey. While working at the local diner, Quinn is befriended by Jason Graves. She has no idea Jason’s the youth director of Landers Hollow Community Church until he asks her to lend a hand with the children’s Christmas pageant. Jason is dealing with issues of his own—a painful divorce following a doctor’s confirmation that he’ll never be able to father a child. Jason longs for a family of his own, but, rejected and disheartened, fears it may never come to pass. Jason and Quinn are both searching for a Christmas miracle. What they find is sweeter than an angel’s song.

My Review

Quinn Sanders, single mom, lost her job because of budget cuts and has returned home, only to find work as a waitress. She’s barely able to eke out a living for herself and her daughter. To make matters worse, it’s almost Christmas, her car won’t start and all four of the tires on her car are bald.

Jason Graves, church youth director, lost his help for the annual Christmas pageant and thinks Quinn is the answer to his prayers. Only one problem; she doesn’t agree!

Mary Manners’ novella, Angel Song, is an enchanting short story about the Christmas season. I felt the bitter cold as Quinn unsuccessfully tried to start her car, the frustration of her feeling as if it were just one more thing on a mountain of disappointments and the feeling of redemption as her life began to slowly turn around. I also delighted in Linsey, Quinn’s daughter! She added warmth, laughter and tenderness to the lives of everyone she touched.

Miss Manners does a wonderful job of portraying two souls reeling from rejection and heartache, learning to trust God in all circumstances.

Angel Song is the perfect story for Christmas in July, evoking memories of the joy of the season and the reasons we celebrate it.

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