Love at Christmas Inn: Collection I by Tanya Stowe, Marianne Evans, Mary Manners and Delia Latham


About the Book

Nestled into five beautiful acres just outside Hope Creek, Tennessee, Christmas Inn is an unforgettable place known for its joyful atmosphere and festive setting. Holiday decorations adorn each room. Trees glittering with ribbons and ornaments, gorgeous wreaths, velvet stockings and pine-scented candles brighten visitors’ stay at this vacation spot dedicated to Christmas all year, every year. The resort offers all the usual enticements plus one unique amenity…love. The little white chapel behind the inn, built by the Christmas family in the 1890s, boasts bell tower bells that toll when couples fall in love.

But Christmas Inn has fallen on hard times. The chapel bells haven’t rung for many years, and this Christmas may be the final celebration at the resort…unless love finds its way home.

My Review

Four magical stories are woven into the sweet enchantment of new love discovered and lost love found in Love at Christmas Inn:  Collection I by authors Tanya Stowe, Marianne Evans, Mary Manners and Delia Latham.

Christmas Inn, built by Angus Christmas in the 1800’s, has a rich history and an interesting legacy. According to legend, if a couple at the inn falls in love, the bells at the chapel begin to ring. Interestingly enough, the bells stopped ringing years ago, except when a couple has fallen in love.

I enjoyed reading the four novellas in Love at Christmas Inn. The stories are all connected together seamlessly.  Each story is distinct from the others, yet the plots are often overlaid. For instance, several of the stories share the same snowball fight, many characters reappear, and of course, the central setting is always the Christmas Inn.

The rich imagery of the Inn, decorated year-round in a Christmas theme, comes alive with each author’s story. I couldn’t keep from imagining myself walking over Jingle Bell Creek on the North Pole Bridge, watching children playing on the giant Santa’s sleigh, sitting in the quiet chapel or marveling over the Nativity near the frozen waterfall.

The legend takes on a life of its own as the four authors find different and unique ways of “ringing the bells” for love.

If you revel in the magic of Christmas and a year-round celebration of the season, you will want to read Love at Christmas Inn!

I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.


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