Heat, Finally!

The heat’s working in the dorm, finally! (Fixed yesterday.) Someone said the part had to be ordered and delivered from Japan. I guess that is why it took so long, since before Thanksgiving, to get it back in working order, still. . . I mean, room and board is expensive and not doing anything to alleviate the problem is unacceptable.

Anyway, I am thankful it is now fixed. I’m also thankful that we live close enough that coming home for weekends wasn’t a problem, but I feel for the poor kids stuck in a COLD dorm.

Enjoy your weekend, we’ll be enjoying the Super Bowl before taking our intrepid student back to the school.

Watching the game is a family tradition started by my dad, and we all want to carry it on even though he’s no longer with us. It helps not to feel the loss so greatly, as we have a friendly rivalry, and reminisce over his love of football, especially the Dallas Cowboys. And of course, they didn’t make it this year, but boy what a year!!

Who else is watching the game, or are you like I used to be and can take or leave it?


8 thoughts on “Heat, Finally!

  1. RobbyFaye, I can leave it and leave it, lol! Not a fan of sports. I grew up with 3 brothers plus who watched (still do) every sport imaginable all the time. It was overkill!! Go glad my husband does not care for sports at all! But enjoy the game, and so glad the heat is working!!

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    • Thanks so much, we’re glad it’s finally on, too!
      I grew up watching football (my Dad and baby brother worked for the Cowboys for a while). Later, when I had my own family, I didn’t watch it as much, until we moved nearer to my parents to assist them as they grew older. Now, (even though, I’ve lost my Mom, Dad and baby brother) our family enjoys watching the games. Personally, I think it’s the commercials they like best!!!


      • It’s great that you all enjoy it so much as a family. That makes it really special. And especially as it now makes your dad seem closer. Those special memories of good family times mean so much – no matter what they were!! What team will you cheer?

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        • It is special. Ironically I lost my Dad three years ago on Super Bowl Sunday. My granddaughter said she felt it was fitting since it was one of his favorite days of the year.
          I’m guessing we’ll be rooting for Atlanta since we have a kid that lives near the Atlanta area (and I have very mixed emotions about Tom Brady).


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