Where the Heart Is Romance Collection: Love Is a Journey in Nine Historical Novellas by Andrea Boeshaar, Carol Cox, Rhonda Gibson, Sally Laity, Jane LaMunyon, Claire Sanders, Erica Vetsch and Pamela Kay Tracy

Where the Heart Is

About the Book

Journey along with nine women who find themselves on the move out of their comfortable lives and into the unknown as they set up new homes, take on new jobs, seek out loved ones, and encounter romance. Will their faith endure the hardships, and will love form when life is in transition? Written by nine inspirational romance authors who have a passion for American history and faith.

My Review

In Where the Heart is by Sally Laity, Leah Somerville is heartbroken when she finds out her brother will inherit her home, Laurelwood. Leah hoped and prayed her hard work and dedication to her family and Laurelwood would result in her being given the home, even though it wasn’t the norm in 1860. However, she realizes she must find another place to live when her younger brother boldly announces he is to receive the home immediately.

Rhonda Gibson introduces us to Polly Schultz in The Midwife’s Apprentice. Polly is traveling on the Oregon Trail after being forced from her home by her mentor’s new husband. She is journeying with a family expecting a baby. However, due to a misunderstanding, she has to abandon their wagon and stay with another family.

Murder or Matrimony, by Pamela Kay Tracy, puts us back on the Oregon Trail with Megan Crawford. Megan left her old life behind in the hopes of a new beginning but, she encounters multiple hurdles along the way.

Bride in the Valley, by Andrea Boeshaar, remains on the Oregon Trail. Dillon Trier and Penny Rogers are two young people we met in an earlier story.  Miss Penny isn’t the best cook, especially over a campfire, but the few times Dillon eats with her family, he has no complaints. Dillon’s been ordered by his boss to stay away from the ladies and concentrate on his job of making sure his boss’ spoiled, pampered daughter’s piano makes it safely across the dangerous terrain.

New Garden’s Inspiration, by Claire Sanders, is set in Indiana in 1861. Leah Wall, a young Quaker, living with relatives since the death of her parents, feared she would never marry. Nevertheless, handsome Caleb Whitaker, a widower with two children, asks for her hand in marriage. However, Leah quickly discovers all is not as she thought or dreamed.

A Tender Branch, by Jane LaMunyon, takes place in 1874. Mary Sherwood is grown. However, she never forgave her father for letting the Civil War claim him on the battlefield. She also blames him for her mother’s death and the destruction of their home when she was six years old. Now, she finds out that her father is not only alive, but has the audacity to want to see her, and wants her to travel cross-country to where he has started his new life.

Erica Vetsch brings us the story of Evelyn in Knight and Day. Evelyn is one of four sisters forced out of their home upon their father’s death.  The four have traveled to Wyoming in 1874 as mail order brides. Unbeknownst to Evelyn, her future groom has a child. Evelyn has a child too and hasn’t told her future groom either.

The story of Evelyn’s sister, Emmeline, is picked up in On a White Charger, by Erica Vetsch. Emmeline is a dreamer and fantasizes about a life as a cattle rancher’s wife. Her fantasies are fueled by dime novels and have ill-prepared her for life as a shepherd’s wife; adding insult to injury, the local cattle ranchers don’t like the sheep either.

Carol Cox finishes the collection with The Wonder of Spring. Charlene Matkin and her grandfather, Jed have been trying to support themselves by selling eggs to the town grocer. In her spare time, Charlene writes stories based on her grandfather’s life. She realizes her dream when an out-of-town newspaper wants to publish her stories. However, there is a catch-she has to have a masculine pen name. Charlene is torn between her desire to write and earn enough money to supplement her meager earnings, and her aversion to creating a pen name, thereby perpetrating a falsehood. After much consideration, she decides on the pen name, Charlie.

I received this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.


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