Date Night

Date Night

About the Book

Ethan Miller’s family has done…what?

His profile is plastered on Now, this career focused, happy-to-be-a-bachelor is forced to endure an episode of speed-dating.

Interior Designer Natalie Gibbs is on the dating circuit, eager to find “the one,” but she has strict rules about the manner in which she’ll embrace a romantic relationship. She wasn’t even supposed to meet Ethan Miller—but God had other plans.

Ethan spends a month each year in Honduras, offering eye care to the underprivileged. He senses a sweetness to Natalie that prompts him to invite her along on the next mission trip.

The voyage leads them far from their home base of New York City, but straight into the hearts of the Honduran people. Slowly, Ethan’s heart is swayed toward the idea of love. But Natalie’s mission work teaches her about a love that reaches far beyond romance.

What’s God’s plan? Should their hearts combine—or does He want them to serve…and learn…from one another—and an extraordinary date night?

My Review

Natalie Gibbs, an interior designer, is looking for her soulmate, even though she has no real time to date, she decides, after much urging from her assistant, Peggy March, to sign up for a Christian site called However, she puts together very firm guidelines for her possible date.

Ethan Miller, a single guy, is badgered by his family to find a nice Christian girl and “settle down.” He would like to get married eventually, but right now all he wants to do is continue with his life as is. His life consists of a busy ophthalmology practice and yearly, month-long mission trips to Honduras where he gives free eye care to the underprivileged there.

How Natalie and Ethan meet is a neat twist to the “date night” concept and sets up a unique story of stepping out of your comfort zone and following God’s lead.

Date Night is a fun read that offers reaffirmation to all singles trying to live their lives as God wants.

Marianne Evans’ book is dedicated to all Christ-centered singles everywhere.

Date Night is part of the new Pure Amore imprint at Pelican Book Group! (Published in 2015) Pure Amore is a ‘book of the month’ subscription service featuring Christian romances centered on the concept of premarital purity and abstinence that doesn’t surrender one moment of the thrill to be found when two people fall in love. Check out Date Night and the other wonderful Pure Amore titles at:

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