A Spy’s Devotion

A Spy's Devotion

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In England’s Regency era, manners and elegance reign in public life—but behind closed doors treason and deception thrive. Nicholas Langdon is no stranger to reserved civility or bloody barbarity. After suffering a battlefield injury, the wealthy, well-connected British officer returns home to heal—and to fulfill a dying soldier’s last wish by delivering his coded diary.

At the home of the Wilherns, one of England’s most powerful families, Langdon attends a lavish ball where he meets their beautiful and intelligent ward, Julia Grey. Determined to maintain propriety, he keeps his distance—until the diary is stolen and all clues lead to Julia’s guardian. As Langdon traces an evil plot that could be the nation’s undoing, he grows ever more intrigued by the lovely young woman. And when Julia realizes that England—and the man she is falling in love with—need her help, she finds herself caught in the fray. Will the two succumb to their attraction while fighting to save their country?


Julia Grey is an orphan, taken in by her father’s sister and husband when she was six. Now grown, she understands that the only options for her future are to become a governess or to marry well; however, without a suitable dowry that could be problematic. Her aunt has made it eminently clear that Julia will not be welcome in their home after her cousin marries dashing British officer Nicholas Langdon.

Nicholas has returned home after being wounded in battle. He promised another soldier, who didn’t survive, that he would deliver a diary for him. Nicholas begins to realize the diary may hold more than he suspects when he’s beaten and robbed, but the only thing stolen is the diary.

Melanie Dickerson has done a masterful job of capturing the Regency Era in London. She deftly illustrates the plight of orphans and older unmarried women of the time and their constrictions imposed by society.

I enjoyed the story very much. However, I felt, because of the title, there would be more spying in the plot than there actually was.

If you enjoy stories written about the era of Jane Austen, you are sure to enjoy A Spy’s Devotion.

I received this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.



6 thoughts on “A Spy’s Devotion

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  2. Robbye, I am so happy to have found your blog again! (The more followers I receive, which I’m not complaining about mind you, the more I fail to catch their blogs. And by now I have so many email blogs my Hotmail gets too crowded to respond to all. Well anyway, enough excuses! Hate excuses.

    I wanted to let you know that I never forgot about your gracious award. I was so touched. the problem was that I never could copy and place the award photo on my post from anywhere! I’ve never have had that happen before. I am so sorry, if you searched for my post, I’m sure you felt I was ungrateful.

    By the way, I very much enjoy historical novels and this sounds like a wonderful and interesting read! Thanks so much and I hope you haven’t given up our friendship. Blessings back, ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ellie, I know what you mean! I’m so glad you found me again! And, don’t worry about the award, that happens sometimes. I’m not sure how to fix it either.
      I’ve just gotten home from 8 days in the hospital and have a major surgery in my near future. Not feeling my greatest right now, but saw your comment and wanted to answer.
      Going to rest some.
      I didn’t feel ungrateful by any means, I understand.
      The Spy’s Devotion was interesting. I will be glad to refer you to more great historical fictions when I feel better. I think it’s my favorite genre.
      I haven’t given up the friendship, I cherish it.
      Thanks for letting me know and will “talk” to you later.
      God’s Blessings to you and yours!


  3. Oh Wow Robbye! I’m so sorry to hear about your surgery, sounds scary. (You need to rest so don’t even think about replying 🙂 ) I wanted you to know you will continue to be in my fervent prayers for healing. Please don’t hesitate to write me if I can assist you nutritionally if the doctor didn’t assign a good nutritionist to your case. Regarding the award, as always your kind heart is full of understanding, thank you. Love and many blessings for recovery,

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