Friends, it looks like, even with the flu shot, that each of us are succumbing to the flu 1 by 1. Today, I’m feeling the beginnings. If I do like the last time I had it, approximately 12 years ago, I won’t resurface for about a week. The others are worse than I am right now.


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An avid reader, homemaker and grandmother. I try to be as real, honest and thought provoking as possible. My blog is primarily devoted to book reviews, but at times it has stretched and grown, as it ebbs and flows with me. However, I still read a lot and review the books I read. Loving life and Jesus Christ.
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  1. Cally says:

    Hope you recover quickly.


  2. Kari Trumbo says:

    I hope you and your family feel better quickly. Adding you to my prayer list.


  3. kiwinana says:

    Oh! Hope I don’t get it, haven’t had a bad flu for over forty years, in my 30 years out in the workforce I never had a sick day ever.
    Can’t miss out on having it forever, my turn must be somewhere along the line.
    All the best, hope you don’t get it too bad.


  4. Patty O says:

    Get better soon! Sending good thoughts and prayers.


  5. Praying for a speedy recovery for all of you!

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