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Too Stressed Cookbook

About book stressed

Feeling overwhelmed by life’s daily demands? Could you use some encouragement and inspiration in the kitchen? The Too Blessed to Be Stressed Cookbook to the rescue! Each of the 100-plus recipes can be prepared in 20 minutes or less, plus you’ll encounter some fabulous tips and suggestions as well as funny foodie quotes, scripture selections, humorous stories of cooking misadventures, and more, along the way. Recipes are arranged into 4 categories–Heart-Healthy, Soul-Fed, Time-Wise, and Company-Happy–and are accompanied by appealing full-color photographs. You’ll cheer as you soak up the joy Debora M. Coty brings into your life and home!

My review stressed

Too Blessed to Be Stressed is a great cookbook for those of us so busy we seem to meet ourselves coming and going.

Debora Coty has divided the book into four basic sections that include:

Time Wise

Soul Fed

Heart Healthy

Company Happy

There is also an introduction at the beginning and menu suggestions and grocery lists at the end.

The recipes are easy to read, follow, understand and most importantly, they are quick, using food items most people have on hand already.

Scattered throughout the book are notes about the recipe, handy hints, photos, Bible quotes and cute/funny stories titled Chuckle Breaks.

I really enjoyed the book (except for the Kindle formatting, which won’t be a problem for others as it is available as a hardback copy only).

Some of my favorite recipes are Deb’s Famous Chicken Salad (I love any chicken salad with grapes and nuts in it), the Chocolate Brickle (which has a surprise ingredient), Sweet Potato Home Fries-OK, who am I kidding, I pretty much like all of them I’ve tried so far!!

If you are looking for a way to streamline and de-stress mealtimes, Too Blessed to Be Stressed is definitely a book you want to check out!

I received this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.


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