Friday’s Frustration

Today and all week this week, in fact, I am deviating from my normal routine of book reviews.

Recently, I heard that a well-known Christian writing conference was going to be nearer my home this year, and was excited to think I may get to go. However, before I had gotten very far in my planning, I heard something very disturbing regarding the conference.

The conference will have an early speaker that is notorious for his “colorful” language. I’m not a prude, I know people use all kinds of words when speaking, but I do feel that the “f-bomb” is just a little too much, especially for a Christian conference.

This, to me, is the equivalent to the following scenario:

A local new car dealership sells Fords. Now, the dealer has heard many people say they like Toyota’s better. He thinks to himself, I’ll just slap a label of Ford on a Toyota and sell it as a Ford. The problem, of course, is that the people going to a Ford dealership want a Ford, not a Toyota-EVEN if it says FORD on it.

When marketing there are some venues where you can expect every range of product available for example, BAM or B&N offer ALL types of books, even some considered porn. However, if you go to Lifeway or another Christian bookstore, you don’t expect to see a non-Christian book and especially not porn.

You can rationalize, explain and trivialize it all you want, but the fact remains, this is a venue for Christian writers. There are LOTS of other venues for writers, to include the different writer’s groups the speaker is affiliated with, such as Romance Writers of America, Mystery Writers of America and several others.

There is even a paragraph in the intro portion of the Christian writers conference page stating that every year hundreds of veteran authors and new authors (and I’m also assuming, want to be authors) gather together to learn the craft of Christian fiction. My question is, “How can you learn the craft of Christian fiction from someone who most people would be offended listening to and would either sit there in uncomfortable silence or walk out in disgust?”

To say I’m disappointed is putting it mildly. I’ve read books by and interacted with most, if not all, of the board members, and I feel this is a stab in the back to those trying to stay true to the craft.

I don’t think I would be as upset if this person had not been there before and/or people weren’t aware of his propensity to vulgarity. But, he has been a SPEAKER for this same group before (and most people walked out of his speech).

If you put a wolf in sheep’s clothing, it’s still a wolf!

Wolf-in-sheeps-clothing (3)


9 thoughts on “Friday’s Frustration

  1. I agree with you Robbie. I don’t think I would have enjoyed that conference. There are many beautiful words that God has given us, for our use to glorify Him. We don’t have to use or listen to bad language. 🙂 God bless you. 🙂

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  2. Wow. Just wow, Robbie. It is sad that someone even has to write about this. Being new to conferences and clubs, I’m amazed at what goes on. I appreciate you writing this. I hope it isn’t the conference I was planning to attend! 😦

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    • Gail, I was so disappointed and upset when I found out.
      I debated about whether to post or not, then decided I would. My wish would be for a grand protest resulting in others not going, too. (Swimming against the tide again!). However, this group is so big and obviously it didn’t bother the board members, so sadly I don’t see that happening.
      Thanks for your support!
      God’s Blessings!

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  3. That is a shame and sadly, it isn’t even shocking anymore. I can’t tell you the numbers of times I’ve read about another well known Christian author crossing the line while still marketing their book as Christian. Somehow, getting permission from a publisher is all they needed to justify it. Kudos to you for sticking to the narrow path. 🙂

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    • I agree! I have even agreed to do tours for Christian writers, only to be shocked by curse words and other uncomfortable scenarios. When I questioned the need for some things, they were “justified” as being about the non-Christians in the story. I’m sorry, to me that’s not justifiable. You can infer very easily without actually saying and/or describing the particulars!
      I struggled with whether to say anything or not, but in the end, felt it needed to be said.
      BTW, I just finished reading Where can I Flee! WOW, what a great book, and the historical aspects, blew me away. I have several books in line to blog about but yours is going on my list. (Hopefully, by the middle of February-I’ll send you a note before and when I post it.)
      Thanks for your kind response. God’s Blessings!

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      • I’ve talked with another author about this very thing before and advised her to consider her audience more than her character. Like you said, you can show the character’s state without offending your reader. This goes along with how graphic or passionate you allow your characters to be. I feel like authors justify too much because it’s what they enjoy. If it offended them, they wouldn’t have put in there. Just saying. :/
        And Oh WOW! Thank you! I wasn’t expecting that since I knew you had a lot on your reading list. I’m glad you enjoyed it! I look forward to reading your review later. 🙂

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