Monday’s Fiction

Christmas Star Novella

Christmas Star Sapphire: A Second Generation Jewel Series Novella (The Jewel Series Book 6)

by Hallee Bridgeman

About Book

MADELINE VISCOLLI finds herself on the Gulf shores of Alabama, where she takes part in a graduate program to earn her MBA. On her first day there, she meets JOE WESTCOTT, team leader for a campus ministry. Despite a mutual attraction, Joe’s personal rule of no romance with any student keeps any kind of deep relationship from developing.

Joe has no desire to have a relationship with anyone, ever, anyway. He left a life of luxury and his family’s business behind to live alone on a sailboat and serve in ministry. Then Madeline walks into the auditorium the week school starts and Joe suspects his personal rules might not apply to this graduate student.

That is, until he discovers Madeline is one of the Viscollis, and that her destiny lay in running her father’s massive corporation. Having rejected wealth and all its trappings since childhood, Joe finds himself falling for the vivacious sapphire-eyed beauty. Madeline knows she loves Joe, but is not willing to throw away her destiny of taking over at the helm of Viscolli Enterprises.

A Christmas Eve funeral washes all Joe’s plans away. Will their love succumb to the rising tide caused by their differences in lifestyles, or will raging seas calm and allow them to sail off into the sunset?

My thoughts

Hallee Bridgeman introduces the second generation of the Jewel Series with Christmas Star Sapphire.

In this charming novella, we catch up with Madeline Viscolli, daughter of Tony and Robin Viscolli of the vast Viscolli enterprises. Madeline moved to Gulf Shores, Alabama (a beautiful area, by the way!) to earn her MBA. During her undergraduate years, she has been very active in Cru (formerly Campus Crusade for Christ).

On Madeline’s first day, she meets Joe Westcott, team leader for Cru. She is understandably too tired, after a lengthy flight to stay for the meeting. However, after further meetings and getting to know Joe, she feels a deep attraction to him. Joe, on the other hand, has sworn off love, especially if the woman involved comes with lots of money.

As Joe and Madeline get to know each other better, Joe begins to question everything he, heretofore believed. Can he put aside his attraction? Should he even put it aside?

Hallee Bridgeman has written an interesting and intriguing story highlighting the struggles faced when one has a lot of wealth. She has developed the characters well and imbued them with a deep spiritual connection to God.

Christmas Star Sapphire works well as a standalone, but the story is so good you want to read the stories of the first generation Viscollis.

Miss Bridgeman has also included discussion questions and a delicious luncheon menu, complete with recipes, at the end of the story.

I received this book from BookCrash in exchange for an honest review.


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