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Basket Brigade

A Basket Brigade Christmas by Judith Mccoy Miller, Nancy Moser, Stephanie Grace Whitson

About Book

A 3-in-1 collection of Civil War Christmas novellas inspired by the true story of the Basket Brigade women of Decatur, Illinois. . . . In A Pinch of Love by Judith Miller, Sarah McHenry is drawn to Jacob Curtis, but can he control his jealousy over her care for other soldiers. In A Stitch in Time by Stephanie Grace Whitson, Lucy Maddox wins the attention of a handsome private. . .but his intentions don’t seem noble to Silas Tait, who has loved Lucy secretly for years. In Endless Melody by Nancy Moser, word of Zona Evans’s musical ministrations reaches her long-lost love, Dr. Cardiff Kensington.

My Thoughts

We meet Lucy Mattox in A Stitch in Time, by Stephanie Grace Whitson. Lucy immerses herself in working for the Basket Brigade, a group of women who provide food and clothes for the young men riding the train that makes a short stop in Decatur.  Lucy’s mother worked for the Basket Brigade before she and Lucy’s father passed away.

Lucy is fulfilled and happy as a single young woman. After all, there aren’t that many single men left in Decatur, Illinois due to the Civil War. Moreover, the one boy she truly cared for died in the war.

Feeling the first stirrings of love when Private Oscar Green makes a special trip to see her, Lucy is ready to declare her feelings. However, no one else thinks Private Green is the right person. Especially not Silas Tait, the manager of her mercantile. Will Lucy find love?

Judith Miller introduces Sarah McHenry to us in A Pinch of Love.

Sarah’s twin brother Samuel is fighting in the war, so Sarah assists her parents in the family bakery. All is going smoothly until Sarah’s mother falls ill. Now Sarah has not only her bakery duties but also assisting with the basket brigade, a job she swore she would never do.

As Sarah becomes acclimated to the rigors of the basket brigade, she meets the enchanting Corporal Jacob Curtis. Corporal Curtis, much to his dismay, is diverted from combat duty to escort the injured men on the train through Decatur.

Over time, Sarah and Corporal Curtis become friends and begin writing letters to each other and spending stolen moments together when he comes through town. However, jealousy gets the better of the Corporal, and when he is injured he doesn’t let Sarah know.

Confusion and misunderstanding take over their lives. Will they be able to forgive and start anew?

Endless Melody by Nancy Moser brings us the story of Zona Evans, a spinster and musician.

Years earlier, Zona’s betrothed, Cardiff Kensington, left to fight in the Mexican War. Never hearing from him again, Zona resigned herself to the life of a single woman.

Zona is busy getting things ready for the church’s Christmas Musicale. However, things aren’t going her way. Feeling the only way to fix things is through a “mild” deception, Zona takes matters into her own hands with disastrous results.

Will Zona be able to make things right and be forgiven, and what about Cardiff Kensington?

I enjoyed reading A Basket Brigade Christmas very much, especially since it is based on the true story of the women of the basket brigade of Decatur, Illinois.

I received this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.



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