Monday’s Mission

I was nominated for two blog awards, both around the time I lost my brother.
I am committed to MANY author’s launch teams, blog hops, promotions, etc. Due to this (and because it truly is WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY past due), I am going to accept my awards. Today, a week later than I originally planned, I am accepting the second award.

So here goes!

I would like to thank kind Kathleen, aka LaFayette Angel, at My Daily Musing for the Blogger Recognition Award!

Here Are The Rules For This Award:

  1. Select 15 other blogs you want to give the award to.

  2. You cannot nominate yourself or the person who has nominated you

  3. Write a post to show your award

  4. Give a brief story of how your blog started

  5. Give a piece of advice or two to new bloggers

  6. Thank whoever nominated you and provide a link to their blog

  7. Attach the award to the post (right click and save, then upload)

  8. Comment on each blog and let them know you have nominated them

I originally started my blog just to get my feet wet where writing was concerned and to share some thoughts. However, as time went on, I kept getting more and more requests for book reviews-so I started reviewing books. It was a great fit as I read close to 300 books a year (it helps that I can read very fast!). Of course, I don’t review anywhere near that many, it would be a full-time job!!

My advice would be to just do what you love. If you want a HUGE following, I don’t have any real words of wisdom. I know for me, I like connecting with other bloggers and that connection has given me more and more followers over time.

The blogs I nominate are:

So, there you have it. A very eclectic and interesting group! I have come to appreciate every one of them for many different reasons.

There are so many wonderful, inspiring blogs out there, way too many to name! But, maybe, in my own small way, I can sincerely say, “Thank you.”




17 thoughts on “Monday’s Mission

    • Ellie,
      You are more than welcome.
      I definitely don’t mind, especially since I took 6 months to respond to yours (thanks for the understanding patience!).
      Your blog was one of the first I followed. I enjoy it very much and greatly appreciate your support.
      I don’t respond much (a WP glitch of some kind keeps me from being able to on my computer, so I have to hunt down another computer just to like or comment. A major PAIN!!)
      Praying you have a wonderful holiday season, too, starting with a great Thanksgiving week.
      God’s Blessings and hugs to you, too!

      Liked by 1 person

        • Yes, Ellie. (That’s why I don’t like or comment much any more!)
          Usually late at night or in the early AM when I can’t sleep, I can “sneak” onto one here , when everyone else is asleep. And , of course, there is the library, but wow, do you have to jump through hoops to use theirs!
          I’m seriously considering a blog post to let people know that I haven’t forgotten them, that it’s just for some reason my computer doesn’t like WP or BlogSpot! (So far, I can still comment/like on FB, go figure!)
          God’s Blessings to you and have a wonderful holiday season!!

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  1. Robbye Faye, Thank you so much for the award nomintion! But we do not accept awards. We appreciate the thought and encouragement behind them, but our ministry, commitments, etc. do not allow us time to tend to all requirements that come with them. But thanks for thinking of us! That is appreciated!

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  3. Congratulations on your award, so well-deserved!!! 🙂
    Thank you for the nomination, I’m so thankful. 🙂
    We are certainly an eclectic and interesting bunch and I’m so thrilled to be in such amazing company, including of course my lovely nominator, RobbyeFaye. 🙂
    Great words of wisdom. It’s so difficult to give advice because we’re all so different and at different places in our lives, in the world, etc.
    Here’s a couple of my words of er, wisdom, sure let’s call them that…
    Happy Thanksgiving to all those who celebrate and all the best, today and every day. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • D. Sorry this took so long to answer, I had to track down another computer!
      We are an amazingly eclectic group! I treasure our uniqueness.
      I had a nice Thanksgiving and am now looking forward to Christmas.
      I agree about the words of wisdom and enjoyed reading yours.
      Thank you also for your kind words, they help immensely when those gremlins of doubt perch themselves on my shoulder and ridicule what I’m saying, or trying to say.
      You, too, deserve the award. You’re blog is always a joy to read!
      Enjoy the season, try not to get too cold and have a cupppa something for me, please!


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