Tuesday’s Teaching


An Advent Journey through Matthew 2015 by Darlene Franklin

About the Book

Take a step away from the busy days that fill Advent. Begin with the miraculous birth and get caught up in the story which adds layers of understanding of Jesus’s extraordinary life. (67 pages)

My Thoughts

Darlene Franklin begins her devotional book on November 29th and continues through Christmas Day, December 25th. Each day starts with a Daily Bible Portion from The Message, followed with a short devotional and ending with an Advent Reflection.

As I learned more about Miss Franklin’s life, feelings and thoughts, I was able to appreciate the devotional even more.

The entire book of Matthew is broken into bite-sized, manageable pieces to read every day.

The devotional section includes timely questions, personal anecdotes, and reflections. In addition, there is an overview of the day’s reading.

The Advent Reflections call on the reader to dig deeper into their thoughts, beliefs and actions throughout the year. The focus is primarily on how to apply the principles to the holidays.

An Advent Journey through Matthew 2015 is a great devotional for the holidays. It is perfect for a quick private or family read and can be the catalyst for generating more thoughts and discussions.

I was given this book by the author in exchange for an honest review. (Thank you, Darlene Franklin, for a really nice devotional!)


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