Monday’s Mention

Teaa nd crumples

Tea & Crumples by Summer Kinard

About the Book

“Tea is how I love people.”

Welcome to Tea and Crumples where tea brewed strong with grace has the power to bring people together. The click of chess pieces and susurrus of fine papers mingle with aromas of warm pastries, tea, and the caramel of hospitality. Through it all, the steady love of God pours out in daily rituals.

Meet Sienna, whose spiritual gifts are the heart of the shop. Walk with her as she struggles to believe in miracles even while she walks in the shadow of death under the weight of temptation.

Tea makes Sienna remember. She remembers pain in order to hold fast the joy of her lost daughter and happiness gone in order to hold fast to Peter’s love. Tea is there with Sienna when every bit of her has been poured out. So are her friends. They keep vigil when all that’s left is faith, tea, and love.

My Thoughts

Summer Kinard draws you into the story of Tea & Crumples (An interesting play on words, by the way) from the very beginning.

Someone would think Sienna and Peter Bannock would have a charmed life, however, the life they envisioned is falling apart step-by-step. The only thing keeping Sienna going is her strong faith and the launch of her new tea shop.

Surrounded by wise, Godly friends and co-workers, Sienna is able to carry on with her life even though she’s bombarded with seemingly insurmountable odds.

Her tea shop, named Tea & Crumbles, makes you wish you could visit, too. Sprinkled throughout the story are lovely, enchanting people from Tovah, the co-owner, to Cleotis Reed, the chess master. Each person fills a need in the life of Sienna whether it be to fill in when she needs to leave, share a laugh or solve a problem, leaving you with the desire to have these remarkable friends in your life, too.

There was only one disconcerting note for me in this beautiful book (this is personal preference, not criticism), Ms. Kinard ended each chapter with a little note at the end describing the characters, including a “bio” about them and their tea preference. For me, this disrupted the gentle flow of the book and gave a discordant break.

Tea & Crumples not only offered an interesting, thought provoking story, but also provided a wealth of information about different teas and tea blends. I can’t wait to try some of them!

I’m hoping for a sequel, as I would love to know what happens to some of the delightful people I met!

For more information about Summer Kinard you can visit her at or one of the following links:

I received this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.


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