Monday’s Mention

Finding our way home

Finding Our Way Home by Charlene Baumbich is a nice book to read, with one caveat.  I would classify this book as wholesome rather than Christian fiction.

The characters are very relatable and human. I especially enjoyed Evelyn. I would love to have a friend like her. Evelyn is very outspoken and a little pushy, but she does it with love and concern-not in a mean spirited or hateful way.

Sasha, the main character, has her ballet career cut short by a fall causing too many injuries to be able to return to ballet. The book follows her struggles with therapy, a marriage she ran away from and her equally head strong assistant, Evelyn.

The seeming “magical” quality of the snow globe disturbed me, and the fact that there was very little of a “Christian” nature in this book.  I’ve always felt a Christian book should have a clear message of salvation, bible verses or at the very least people that go to church. Having said that, I believe you will enjoy this book very much if you can overlook its magical elements. Perhaps this book is better suited to the more mature Christian and not a new believer.

I got into a lively discussion with another book lover as to whether the book was actually Christian fiction. Some of the questions floated were:

1) If the book were set in another country, like Saudi Arabia, would it be termed “Muslim fiction”?

2) Do Christian books have to have Bible verses or a plan of salvation? (As this book has neither),

3) Are the minor glimpses into Sasha’s marriage, especially the bedroom scenes, a mildly risqué part of the book, too much for Christian fiction?

I did enjoy the book, and as you can see, it opened the way for quite a debate!  The characters came alive and you felt empathy for them.  The story reads as true to life. I would hesitate, however, in recommending it for everyone, young people in particular.

I received this book from Blogging for Books in exchange for an honest review.

(This is a revised, reprint from an earlier review.)


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