Monday’s Memories

It’s been 5 years and one week since the anniversary of my Mother graduating to heaven. It was also the anniversary of when I was so brutally and viciously assaulted at work, although not the same year. July 27th is a very rough day for me.

Mom was a beautiful woman.

I miss her.




10 thoughts on “Monday’s Memories

  1. I am so sorry for your loss, I miss her too. Daddy has been gone 8 years (August 6) this year. It doesn’t seem possible. I didn’t realize the accident that Uncle Bob had caused him issues when he passed away, that is bad. Miss him too. Miss all the ones we have lost, there are way too many.

    Love and prayers for you.


    • Thank you, Carla.
      I miss your Dad, and your Mom, too.
      Your Dad was always so funny, funnier than any comedian I have ever heard.
      I remember cooking Christmas cookies with your Mom when I was little. Oh, boy was that fun. For some reason, Mother never did that with us (maybe it had to do with her issues with eggs?).
      Oh, my, we have lost so very many, especially in the last 5-10 years.
      Lots of love to you, too. Prayers for you, too.
      God’s Blessings!


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