Monday’s Mention

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Beck’s Peace by Dora Hiers is book two in the Harmon Heritage Series.

Beck Harmon has spent years running from his life, but it’s not working. His sister, Rori, is getting married to Graham Decker, a racecar driver. Beck figures if Rori can put aside her agoraphobia long enough to go through with a wedding, the least he can do is show up, dirty, scruffy jeans, beard and all.

What Beck didn’t count on was running into Savvy McCord, his sister’s best friend and the love of his life, at the wedding. Beck knows he has a lot of explaining to do to both his family and Savvy. Will everyone be able to understand what he’s been through? Will Savvy forgive and forget? Does he have a chance at true, forever love?

Even though, Beck’s Peace continues the tale of the Harmon’s where the first book of the series, Rori’s Healing, leaves off, the story works well as a standalone, also.

Dora Hiers has written a warm saga of healing and forgiveness, a story of hope and faith that will leave a lasting memory in your heart and mind.

I received this book from the author, Dora Hiers, in exchange for an honest review. (Thank you, Dora, it is a truly wonderful story!)

For more information about the Harmon Heritage Series you can visit:  and search for Dora Hiers.

For more information on Dora Hiers, you can visit her at: or


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