Monday’s Missive

At Home in Last Chance

At Home in Last Chance is Volume 3 of A Place to Call Home Series by Cathleen Armstrong.

Kaitlyn Reed had done the unthinkable-she abandoned her daughter to take off on her boyfriend’s motorcycle and follow the adventure he promised her,

Steven Braden disappointed his family when, after his father passed away, he didn’t pick up the reins of the business left to him.

Both Kaitlyn and Steven had someone to pick up the pieces. For Kaitlyn, it was her brother, Chris; for Steven, it was his brother Ray. Both returned to Last Chance. Both were the black sheep of their family, and both were advised to stay away from the other for their own good.

Cathleen Armstrong has written a tale of redemption, forgiveness and live in a very true-to-life way. As you get to know the people of Last Chance, you begin to cheer for their victories and feel pain for their defeats. The characters are well written and life in a small town is eerily realistic in its depiction.

At Home in Last Chance is the third in a series and excellently written, not leaving questions in the reader’s mind and creating a standalone novel that is easy to follow and enjoy.

I received this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.


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